Links and Update on the Personal

First and foremost, my fiancee had two of her wisdom teeth taken out today. She’s in some amount of pain, is really hungry, and has had a little bit of trouble staying asleep. She also informed me, ” I wish I could drink 4,000 gallons of water” to which I replied “that probably would hurt a little”. She then said, “I could stick my face under a waterfall with my mouth open….. water is so bad it hurts my teeth”. Needless to say, I thought that the Codene influenced comments were quite funny.

Gas is apparently going to continue to plummet. Oil prices briefly dipped below 60 dollars a barrel today, down from a high of 78 dollars a month and a half ago. The fed is predicting another short term drop of 25 cents per gallon of gas. Some long term projections have oil falling to 15 dollars a barrel with gas around 1.15 a gallon. That would my my drives to Nashville much cheaper.

Greg Kendall-Ball, the only person that I know from South Africa, is thinking of pulling the plug on . Head over and read a little and let him know you want it to stay. He’s been a great voice of reason from graduates of Harding University.

And another update: there was a huge explosion behind my house. It was big enough that it knocked some stuff off of the trees and onto the roof. I walked back there and it seemed like it came from a shed behind the houses that are behind me. There was smoke, and a distinct odor, but I didn’t see any people, and decided it would be best just to stay away from there. Maybe a meth lab explosion. I don’t know.


35 responses to “Links and Update on the Personal

  1. You know why gas prices are falling? It’s an election year. Bush has called all his cronies at the big oil companies to drive down prices. Now the GOP can claim victory over escalating oil prices.
    That’s just my theory. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Scott… tell me you haven’t fallen into the conspiracy trap.

    Bush can’t control the Saudis… they are trying to make as much money as is possible. Demand is down… there have been no major gulf hurricanes (which most of the speculative pricing was based on) and the Middle East has calmed down. Demand didn’t drive the price up as high as it was… people are selling to try and catch a profit, because they know its going to continue to fall. Reserves of oil are at 1990 levels (they are having to keep it in takers offshore cause they have too much) The market is working. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Nope–not a conspiracy theorist. Just a joke.

  4. ok good. I did see that you subscribe to the blog where the guy puts impeach posters up everywhere. And also the ones that say 9/11 was an inside job. There’s no way that you believe the government did that is there?

  5. No, not at all. Which blog are you talking about that states 9/11 was an inside job? Our current administration is in no way capable enough to pull off 9/11.
    But they did dynamite the levees in New Orleans.

    I’m Kidding.

  6. Its called I could have sworn a couple days ago that I found it… maybe on your bloglines feeds or your blogroll. but its obviously not there anymore. Maybe I found it from some other crazy lib pacifist… wait, I’m the pot calling the kettle now. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. yeah, that’s on mine. I just find it interesting. A lot of the Bush protest stuff emanates from here–I’m 20 minutes from Crawford.

  8. So you didn’t call the authorities about the explosion? I think I would’ve. Meth lab, yikes.

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