Evil Capitalists

Wal Mart is at it again! Selling stuff at a loss to put Mom and Pop Shops out of business. Wait, they are selling generic drugs for 4 dollars a bottle? hmmm


3 responses to “Evil Capitalists

  1. Hmmm. My insurance plan charges $5 for generic drugs. What a dilemma! Go to some other pharmacy and pay $5 or go to Walmart and pay $4 and bypass the insurance company altogether.

    The drawback? Save a dollar on drugs but spend $50 while I’m waiting for the prescription to be filled.

  2. yeah, those damn mom and pops like Merck, Phizer, and Walgreens. Walmart might singlehandedly solve the healthcare problem in the US just like it singlehandedly slowed inflation in the 90s

  3. I didn’t even think of it from that angle Ben… that’s great.

    Did Wal Mart really slow inflation?

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