If Jesus Showed Up in America

If Jesus were to show up in America today, where would he be?

Maybe in some projects in inner city Memphis?

Or in a trailer park in the Appalacians?

Or possibly in the back of a truck full of Mexican immigrants?

What would he have to say about our political system, the war in Iraq,
health care, or democracy in general?

Would he stand outside of Bellevue Baptist Church and claim that he
will tear down these buildings and rebuild them again?

Would he head out to Brentwood with a gang of disciples in a van, have
a breakdown on Franklin Road, and walk to Chick Fil A hoping to find
someone to give him some money for a fan belt? (This happened to me
the other day, though it wasn’t Jesus, and there’s some more story

Would he stand toe to toe with Jim Wallis and Ralph Reed and say
“You’ve both got it wrong… my kingdom isn’t about taking control of
the Government?”

Would he walk past me on the street and would I cross to the other side?

I don’t know. I sure hope not.


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