All the C of C Blogs You Will Want to Read

John Dobbs has compiled a list of all the top rated c of c bloggers. Yours truely made the list, but he did spell my name wrong. I guess I can deal with that.


12 responses to “All the C of C Blogs You Will Want to Read

  1. And yet, I didn’t. Somehow, I’ll make it through the day.

  2. Well, that guy is dumb, apparently, for not putting you on there. Your blog rocks Phil!

  3. I’m not there either. Phil, let’s start our own club.

  4. scott… I know why that is.

    you’re a heretic 😉

  5. is this supposed to be CoC only? I noticed Chris Tomlin and David Crowder Band made the list, despite not being CoC. And Scot McKnight.

  6. Justin, that’s true. But you, my friend, are as far out there as I am.

  7. Greg-

    I don’t think its c of c only, but there is a high percentage of c of c people on there. I think he’s a minister in “the church” but by the look of his links page, a more progressive one.


    You’re probably right. Maybe he hasn’t read my blog in a while. 😉

  8. I’m in the club with Scott and Phil. Out in the cold.

    I do know of John Dobbs from his work with the rebuilding after Katrina. He is the preacher at one of the churches on the gulf of Mississippi. He is a great guy from what all I’ve heard!

  9. And, no I did not write that comment at 3:46 am!

  10. Thanks for pointing me to Phil’s blog, Justin, and sorry about misspelling your name! I wish I had time to read all the blogs I have listed…I try to buzz in now and then … but none of us are able to read them all. As far as the nature of the list…I generally list COC blogs that I know about … and add others that I think are interesting. Thanks for the mention! If anyone wants to be added, there are instructions on the site as to how to let me know! I’d love to list you. jd

  11. What the heck? First I get dissed in the big collection and then Mundie goes and recommends Wilson and omits me.
    I’m getting a complex.

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