Global Warming is a Sham

Drudge is about to link to an exclusive where Al Gore claims that cigarette smoke is a major cause of global warming.

If that doesn’t show you that these guys are a bunch of facists using the church of environmentalist to control your lives, I don’t know what does.

Seriously, cigarette smoke? How much smoke is the wildfire in California putting out right now? How much does a volcano eruption put out? Cigarette smoke?


4 responses to “Global Warming is a Sham

  1. I guess this means that Al Gore is a major contributor to global warming. All of the tobacco his family raised over the years produced many cigarettes.

    Between tobacco/cigarettes, books, speeches, and movies, Al is profiting greatly from global warming.

  2. I love how he chastises regular people for driving SUVs and he rides around in a freakin private jet.

  3. Uh, tell us how you really feel, Justin! 🙂

  4. I like it. I think I see more people smoking today than ever. Maybe it’s our area. Maybe it’s what people do when a hurricane blows their life away. I don’t know, but man people smoke like it pays. Anyhoo… Gore is a plastic fake. I think he’s a muppet.

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