My Sunday

Today was full of important conversations, time with friends, good food, and amazing community.

This morning, Carrie and I went to Otter Creek. We had planned on going to class for what would have been the first time in two years for me, but plans changed when my new kitten refused to go to bed and kept me awake until 2 in the morning. Class at 8:45 + 45 minute drive to church – two and a half hours of sleep that I had planned on getting = No class for Justin. I still love the kitten though. I’ll post pictures of her tomorrow night.

Anyway, church this morning. A man came forward and confessed that he had been having affairs for some amount of time. I have never been in a church where something like that was confessed in some amount of detail. Normal ‘confession’ at modern churches entails acknowledging wrongdoing without actually saying what happened. This guy said from the beginning, “I have to tell you in some detail what I did or this confession won’t mean a thing”. He was very forthright and apologetic, but also hopeful that Christ would change his heart and he was greatful for the forgiveness he had all ready received from his family. I didn’t even know this guy or the situation, but I started crying today. In a body of 1000 people, there can still be relationship and community, even if you’ve never met a person before in your life.

I went to lunch with Allen Gillespie, the admissions guy (sorry Allen, don’t know your title) at Pepperdine University. He emailed me and mentioned he was going to be in town and he wanted to see if we could have lunch and bounce some ideas off of each other. He’s been reading my blog for some time now, and he has some great ideas about the future. Let’s just say it involves people under the age of 30, the internet, and weekly or monthly columns. We ate lunch at Corky’s. Pulled pork BBQ is stellar. Corky’s makes me miss Memphis.

Carrie went home and studied this afternoon while I sat in my apartment and played with the kitten. I also worked on some music. I am thinking about sitting down and working some stuff out. I’d like to put out a new cd at some point in the near future. I know I have an album in me somewhere. Its just going to take me sitting down and writing with a purpose to get it out there.

Tonight, we had small group at Jessee Eppley’s house. We’re discussing “Life Together” by the one and only Deitrich Bonhoeffer. This week’s discusion was on Chapter 1, entitled ‘Community’. We had an hour and a half of stimulating discussion about how a Christian community is supposed to function. Where lines are drawn in what is acceptable in the community. One of my favorite thoughts for the night was from Carrie’s brother Jon. Discussing God’s plan for us he said that the interesting thing is God created community for us, and told us to be moral. And the only way we can discern morality is through community interpretation of scriptures. However, the quote of the evening came, when I asked about community and disfellowship. Jamie Hooten began talking about how people tend to church hop to places who will accept whatever behavior didn’t jive with the previous community. He said you go from a church of Christ, to a Baptist church, then to a methodist church. To which I added, “then a Unitarian church”. Jon then chimed in and said “I’d like to know what you have to do to get kicked out of the Unitarian church”.

I don’t think its as funny in type. Anyway, it made us all laugh.

But today was a great Sunday. Any day that commences with my feeling more intelligent than I did when I awoke is always a good day.


14 responses to “My Sunday

  1. did you know allen gillespie went to harding academy back in the day?

  2. Yeah, I thought I mentioned that, but apparently not. We met at Pepperdine a few years back when I was on my way back from the Philippines.

  3. hey Justin – appreciate your comments on my blog and on Larry James’ today. You obviously are very thoughtful – and your thoughts are are well received.

  4. Thanks Kent. You always have great thoughts on many of the blogs I read. Glad you stopped by!

  5. hi there – we’ve only met once (through carrie), but i’ve been keeping up wtih your thoughts via elrod and gkb. i’m impressed with you, to say the least. i hope you and carrie will still be in nashville in a couple of years when we move there. God bless рџ™‚

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