There is a ton of stuff going on in the world today. In the political realm, the Foley situation has gotten more and more interesting by the minute. According to Matt Drudge, the instant messages that were leaked were to a young man who was 18, not 16 as previously reported. Also, there is speculation that a blogger (possibly the daily kos) is responsible for setting up a faux blog about pedophiles for the express purpose of outing Foley. I’m hesitant to even link to this, but has actually outed a whole host of Republicans… presumably for political purposes. Regardless your opinion on homosexuality, this is disgusting.

Second, gun violence in schools has been occuring more frequently of late. None of these incidents has gotten more coverage than the recent shooting at an Amish schoolhouse. After a week of discusion on pacifism over at GKB’s blog as well as some at, relating to Sean Hannity and Coleman Yoakum at Harding University, a real life situation has happened and real pacifism has been shown to the world. And not only that, but Spirit led forgiveness has been mirrored to the nations. Praise God for the Amish! Also, Scott Freeman is doing a series on non violence. It will be a good read.

And lastly, fall is arriving with full force. I think the foliage is going to be prettier than I’ve ever seen in my life. Its all ready gorgeous on 840 between the Boro and Franklin. High temperatures next wee will be in the 70s and towards the end of the week will be in the low 60s. I love autumn.


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  1. Justin,
    I really enjoyed reading your blog.
    You have alot of great thoughts and can tell you are very intellectual. I look forward to reading more of your blog in the future. I have believe the wonderful thing about being a Christian is the divesity. It is beautiful. God takes our differences, family back grounds, education, political views, denomination and religious teaching and upbringing even and makes something beautiful. Isn’t God wonderful? I am so thankful for being a Chrisitan first and foremost than anything in my life. I love him with all of my heart, soul and strength and know that the world still has hope. Shootings will happen, political worlds will change, wars, all that happens in life I know God is great and his grace gives me hope to live the next day. Gives me hope of a better tomorrow. May we never forget especailly during times of hardship that he loves us more than we can begin to imagine.
    Thanks and enjoyed your blog.
    God bless you brother!

  2. thanks for reading preacherman! I enjoy your thoughts as well. We seem to frequent the same blogs. I hope you’ll continue visiting my site and leaving your thoughts as much as possible.

  3. Justin,
    I would love for you check out my blog too. Any time. Thanks again.

  4. Hey Justin! I’ve been to your blog before — I just realized when I saw the green grass.


    Great chatting today… looking forward to reading your blog entries… I see PreacherMan reads this blog, so it must be all the rage now!

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