Harding turning Liberal???

Check out the editorial page of the Bison.

 Hat Tip to JH


6 responses to “Harding turning Liberal???

  1. Interesting.
    Thanks for the post!
    Maybe their is hope for Harding after all! 🙂

  2. Haha, do you know who wrote this? I have the feeling it was a disgruntled student, but the point about Christians not being on either side of the war is an excellent point!

  3. Does one have to be “disgruntled” simply because one thinks differently?

    At the risk of being labeled ‘disgruntled’, the groupthink mentality of my beloved alma mater and my fellow alum can STILL make me shudder.

  4. I suggested this author might be disgrunted because based on the little I know about the Harding administration and student body, it would seem as if the author’s views are probably pretty different. So I was just thinking that this student might be a little bit disgruntled/disillusioned with a lot of the views being expressed on Harding’s campus. Certainly doesn’t make one a bad person, and I think the sentiment expressed in the article is very good! My comment was intended as a compliment–no negative connotation should be read into it.

  5. Heya.. as an author of one of the pieces on that Bison opinion page, I’m not sure which article you’re referring to. None of them seem to be about pacifism to me, am I wrong?
    My piece is about a three-state solution for Iraq, not pacifism, another piece is about the fact that we won’t gain anything by executing Saddam, and that it may make him a better martyr figure to boot, and another piece is on personal responsibility (a decidedly conservative value ;-)). Am I missing something?

  6. Oh wait, I see now- your comment was on Oct. 10th, but the link has changed since you posted it so that it links to the new Bison issue. Nevermind…

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