How I Went From Card Carrying Republican to Libertarian to Christian Anarchist in 2 Short Years: Part 1

I didn’t start out this “liberal”.

I grew up listening to talk radio, and could probably be labeled a Rush baby . In my second grade gifted class, I wrote a poem about Bill Clinton. It is as follows:

Bill Clinton is a jerk

He just won’t work.

After one year has passed the people will say

“Now we want Clinton to go away!”

What’s kinda funny about the whole thing is that it was prophetic. Two years after Clinton’s election, the Republican Revolution occured in Congress as a backlash to Hillary’s health care program and “don’t ask don’t tell”. Anyway, that’s all beside the point.

The point is, I’ve been learning how to be a conservative my whole life. I understood basic principles of capitalism before I was out of middle school. I was defending my point of view on internet forums at the age of 16 (debating socialists and communists much older than I was). I went to Lipscomb University, with aspirations of working in politics. I even flirted with a Poli Sci major.

But my second year at LU, things started to change.

I took Christian Ethics with Mark Black, US History with Richard Goode, and American Lit with Dana Carpenter. These three classes introduced rational viewpoints that contrasted with my worldview. I saw, for the first time, that there were “liberals” who really did love Jesus. That was the fall of 04, election season. I remember refusing to join the College Republicans, because, well, they were all idiots. They even had a shirt with a Bible verse on it that said something about “the wise man’s heart leans to the right” or something. The election happened, and Bush won. But I didn’t gloat. I even wrote a livejournal post chastising those who were rubbing it in people’s faces that Bush had one. I said, “politics isn’t football. We are all a part of the same country and we all basically want the same thing, we just have different ideas of how to acheive it”.

Right after that, I transfered to MTSU. This is where the most radical transformation would begin. Republican to Libertarian was stretching my mind… I didn’t really know what the next year would hold.


11 responses to “How I Went From Card Carrying Republican to Libertarian to Christian Anarchist in 2 Short Years: Part 1

  1. I have found myself turning more Libertarian. I still hold to solid Conservative principals however there are not many in the GOP that do. If they lose next month, it will be their own fault for straying so far away from their principals and trying to get the media to treat them the same.

    I hold my nose many times when I vote and pull for the GOP and there have been times when I have voted Libertarian (such as Libby Dole) because I could not stand the candidate.

  2. I am thinking about writing a book called, “I woke up one morning and discovered I had become a liberal” Maybe that is how Christ transforms us?

    See what I mean, that statement had pretty liberal overtones.

  3. =-) I sure wish Tony would write that book–how great would that be???

  4. How about “How I woke up one morning without a party”?

  5. How about “I woke up one morning and realized that none of that crap matters”?

  6. I just woke up this morning and realized I had to get up. 😉

  7. Hey Justin,
    I am really glad to see so many blogs (including my own) popping up with series posts on why people believe what they believe. You, Me, Elrod, GKB, and a few others that I have seen latley have all been abuzz with ideas on pacifism, war, politics, and the like.

    I wish I could take some credit for that, like I do the columns in the most recent Bison about pacifism and Christian politics, but in all actuality it is probably just because of the onset of the election season.

    BTW if you can make the trip to searcy Mark Elrod is having a debate on Christian role in politics. It will be good times.

    Cole Yoakum

  8. Guys… I would buy anyone of those books written by anyone of you.

    Cole – You just happened to stand up to Hannity right about the time I decided that non violence is the most accurate way to follow Christ. Which also coincided with my decision to quit voting. But you have done a lot to stir debate amongst (mainly) Hardingites and the like.

    BTW, there’s a great discussion going on at that you would enjoy. He’s doing a series on Jesus and non violence.

    Thanks everyone for commenting. I meant to add part 2 today (and actually had the whole thing written out, but my computer at work won’t let me post. Its old. Anyway, hopefully I’ll get it done tomorrow morning before work.

  9. I think that the important thing about Christ and politics is that we participate in politics with being about politics.

  10. I woke up one morning “at college” and realized that all my liberal friends loved diversity. They just hated white male Christians. Go figure.

    I tried out liberalism, and it wasn’t the ideas but the people who drove me off.

    I woke up and became conservative.

    And that was BEFORE I got married and learned about the income tax. Now I’m REALLY conservative.

    Enjoyed your post anyway. 🙂


  11. I see we share a common interest! Excellent job on the website!

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