How I Went From Card Carrying Republican to Libertarian to Christian Anarchist in 2 Short Years: Part 2

MTSU brought a new environment. First off, I was in a house instead of a dorm. I had the privacy of the upstairs, I had my first taste of alcohol (besides a warm beer that I tasted once), and I had a lot of spare time. I was only taking twelve hours of school and two of those classes were 3 hours in one sitting. Basically, I had a LOT of spare time. And for the first three months, I didn’t have a job. That meant plenty of time to think about everything under the sun. My philosophy of life had changed a little bit, but I was really just trying to reform it.

I’d been looking into Libertarianism and really liked what I saw. I’d always been distrustful of government and the Libertarian Party was about as skeptical of Government as any party (outside of anarchists, though Libertarians aren’t too far from that). I agreed with nearly every premise of the party, but I did have some issue with their position on the Iraq war (they are against it) and their position on drugs (they want to legalize most drugs). I eventually came to see their side on the war on drugs, but I didn’t quite agree witht he position on Iraq. I felt though, that my problems with the Republicans were resolved by Libertarianism.

I went back home for the summer and met a girl named Claire. She was from the Mississippi Gulf Coast and was a friend of my friend Daniel Wade. We talked for the summer which eventually led to a week long trip to Panama City Florida. After the trip, we both went back to our respective colleges, she to Searcy and me to Murfreesboro. We continued talking (and we were both still interested in each other). I ended up taking a job at Ezell Harding christian school so that I’d have the weekends free to see Claire. I never made it over to Searcy, but I did meet my fiancee at that job. Funny how things work out. But back to the story… a couple of weeks after our trip, Hurricane Katrina hit, and with the wind from the Gulf came winds of change in my theology.

In my life, I’d grown up with a pretty solid definition of who God was and how he worked. All of the sudden, this God that was always in control had let horrible things happen to so many people right here in my country. Its terrible that this Hurricane caused this shift of thought in me, and not the Tsunami in East Asia, but this is just how things happened.  I was near the end of my faith. It was if all the small questions that had been building inside since my last semester at Lipscomb came to a boil… and I didn’t know what to do.

So I emailed Brandon Scott Thomas and asked him for help. He invited me to lunch to share his story, and things started turning around from there…


4 responses to “How I Went From Card Carrying Republican to Libertarian to Christian Anarchist in 2 Short Years: Part 2

  1. I too, have been torn- well, maybe pulled more than torn- toward a more liberal way of thinking. I fear, however, that so many of the assumptions one would have to make to truly beling to either party try to take me to a place where I cannot follow. I cannot agree with the assumption that Republicans are soul-less and evil because they call for fiscal responsibility (or used to). Nor can I say that Democrats are irresponisble for seeking Utopia without responsibility. It’s a great dream, but should never be promised. The positions of mutual exclusivity of both camps has gotten sickening and I fear I am becoming what one of the Zoe speakers described as a member of the Cynic Party. We’re not very organized but incredibly convicted.

  2. Well, its infuriating that the Republicans are using the extreme right wing Christians for political gain and its frustrating that democrats use poor minorities for the same reason. The democrats were in power for 50 years and the african american community is in shambles. Getting rid of segregation was a good thing, but I don’t know that welfare did more good than harm.

    Its just frustrating, and its why I think Christians should get out of politics and just be Jesus in huge ways.

  3. I’ve seen a lot of suffering in the world, from even a young age. Katrina Didn’t surprise me, but hey, you were still in college. Some people will ask “Where is God?” and I would say “What will God’s people do?”
    That’s the problem people forget.

  4. Are you ever going to finish this story?

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