Local Evangelizing

Today I made a trip to Wal Mart. I typically avoid the world’s largest discount retail store on Saturdays, but I needed a mustache so I can be Borat at our Halloween party tonight. Target didn’t have anything and Party City was packed out with people.

As Carrie and I entered the parking lot, we saw something out of the ordinary (which really means something at an exurban Wal Mart on a Saturday). There was a man carrying a cross (Jesus style) down an aisle of cars.

That’s right, just in case you didn’t believe what you just read, a guy was walking around the Wal Mart Parking lot carrying a cross.

I assume this is just some sort of weird evangelizing thing. I mean, if I were a crazy fundamentalist, I would have done things much differently. Perhaps, I’d make the man dress as Jesus, with all out, straight from Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ make up. You know, scare the little kids. Its halloween, and we all know that halloween is the perfect time for scary Jesus to come out, as well as to scare people into accepting Jesus (see Judgement House and SBC).

Would that be effective for anyone?


5 responses to “Local Evangelizing

  1. It almost seems to be mocking Christ rather than spreading His gospel. But if people are reached, who am I to be a skeptic?

  2. Michael Gossett

    I saw a guy like that walking along 55 South about a month and a half ago. I can almost gurantee you that it is the same guy who feels called to “take up his cross” all over the country. It’s very odd. But to each his own.

  3. Yes, that is quite odd. As mentioned above, the first thing I thought was that it was someone mocking Christ or the church.

  4. That sort of evangelizing turns me off, and I’m a Christian. People already know about Jesus and the crucifixion. Instead, they need to see us showing them love in practical ways that meet their needs.

    BTW, was that guy’s cross painted red? I saw him at Walmart in Lebanon a few weeks ago.

  5. I think I saw him about 4 years walking down I-10. And yes, he’s been going around the country…

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