A Couple things

One… Studio 60 is done. We may get episodes for the rest of the season, but I am doubting it more and more. One of my friends who works in television confirmed the story from Fox News this morning that Studio 60’s cancelation is “imminent”. I knew it was going to happen. The show was so highly touted and it just wasn’t catching on.

Two, there’s a new Harold Ford Jr. commercial out that is bashing Bob Corker. One of the people that appears in the video is a mother of a soldier. She emotionally makes the case that the Republicans are using smoke and mirrors to deflect from Iraq (Her son is STANDING IN THE MIDDLE OF AFGHANISTAN. Sorry. Sorkin joke.). What I bet most people don’t know is that she’s been an activist for the Democratic Party at least since 04 when she campaigned for Kerry. She’s not just a typical mother with a son in combat. She’s as partisan as anyone.

That’s just free information for those of you that are trying not to be mislead.


4 responses to “A Couple things

  1. Even democrats have to know that Kerry stuck his foot in it today.

  2. Kerry’s an idiot. He’s a terrible politician. He wouldn’t get elected anywhere but Massachusetts.

  3. So was Edwin Edwards, former Gov. in Louisiana, on record as saying “I won’t go down unless they catch me in bed with a live boy or a dead girl”
    Finally got him on Extortion…

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