I don’t care who you vote for; this is funny.


9 responses to “Funny

  1. What a debacle. Kerry is a political toothache and I hope he doesn’t go away…

  2. That is hilarius…I’m still laughing….

  3. I saw this yesterday and I just assumed it was probably a photoshop job. But they were showing it on television this morning, stating who it was in the picture (some national guard unit, I believe).

  4. Simply outstanding. I guess if the Dems had hopes for some military vote they just kissed it goodbye after what Kerry said. Oops! Sorry. It was just a botched joke.

  5. “Senator Kerry was for the joke before he was against it.”

    –Vice President Cheney

  6. What was funny was how the Daily Show made fun of Tony Snow too. Snow had a really cocky press release saying if Kerry wanted “us” in there, he didn’t see where it fit, and kept trying it in several sentences. Then John Stewart made fun of him by finding the correct placement.

    I know we all do it, but sometimes politicians REALLY look like idiots…

  7. The Daily show is always funny. Everyone makes gaffes like that. We just aren’t on tv, or, you know, in the middle of an election, so its much funnier when they do it.

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