Faith and Doubt

Do you ever sit down and just think, “Do I really have it right?”

Occasionally, that thought will enter my mind as I contemplate the complexities of humanity and reality. When I start to apply a strictly rational thought process to my faith, I wonder, is this really true? Did Jesus really come back to life? Is there really an all powerful being out there that created us and everything around us? Sometimes its just difficult to wrap your mind around. I’m sure I’m not the only person who thinks about this sometimes. Surely I’m not the only one who struggles with doubting.

I just read this post from a featured blog on wordpress. It says the the hubble telescope has disproved God. I thought the title was interesting so I hopped over there. I had never thought about it before, but because stars are so far away, when we see their light, we are actually looking back in time. We’re seeing light that happened years and years ago. Or really, billions of years ago. It simultaneously causes doubt and belief. Its weird to believe that the universe has been around so long, yet humans have been around for a brief period of time in comparison. Why did God take so long to do that if we were the purpose of his creation? But also, when I see things like this article, I think, “there is no way that this happened on accident.”

I don’t know, I struggle. Belief is a hard enough thing. Faith that moves you to act is even harder. I pray that I have more faith. I pray that for everyone that reads this.


4 responses to “Faith and Doubt

  1. Mornin’
    I wouldn’t worry too much about “old galaxies” and “looking Back in time”
    God did after all, have to create light by speaking it. Not too far a stretch that he would have had the foresite to create some light inbetween objects anyway.

  2. I have the same feelings from time to time. I like the whole watch analogy. Can you go out, find a random rock, crack it open and find a perfectly timed rolex watch just by accident? Neither was this world created by accident.

    I am also amazed by the whole “looking back in time” thing. A great book is Battlefield Earth by L. Ron Hubbard. NO. Not the movie and NO there is no preaching of Sciencetology in it but it is a great read of SciFi and deals a lot with that. The hero calculates when light from earth will reach certain places in space, teleports a high tech camera out to that spot then zooms in to earth and is able to look back in time. Pretty cool.

    Anyway, I have read it at least 3 times. I recommend it.

  3. Something I have struggling with right now concerns an email I received that got sent all over our church about a woman who is dying of cancer (Justin, you know who this is). The email said over and over that we need to pray for her healing and had a verse from the psalms maybe where it talked about God defeating our enemies, and parenthetically made cancer the “enemy”

    I recently had another very close person die of cancer, and I was sad that he died because I missed having him around, but I’m not sure if I ever asked God to take away his cancer. Who am I to make such demands like I know what is best for those I care about?

    If I pray for healing and the person is healed, it is “God blessing”. If I pray for healing and the person dies, it is “God’s will.” If I don’t pray for either, does that mean that God is completely uninvolved? I don’t think so. I think God does want He wants anyway. Even if I am presumptious enough to think that God would change his mind to do what I wanted (a la Abraham), could I be presumptious enough to think that my choice was better than His? It’s like if I ask for the right thing, God was going to do it anyway. If I ask for the wrong thing, then either my “prayer isn’t answered” or I made things worse by “persuading” God to change His mind.

    The thing I have prayed for is peace with what happens.

  4. Combine this with the fact that one really can’t ‘choose’ a priori belief (go ahead, if you believe in God choose not to now) and this whole doubt thing really gets confusing.

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