Constitutional Right to Convienence?

I am an ardent supporter of no discrimination in the government, but at some point, things get ridiculous.

A Federal Judge has declared that the rights of the blind are being denied in this country because they have no way to tell what denomination of money they have. All of our paper money is the same size and shape, prohibiting the blind from using currency without the aid of another person or a small machine that reads the bills for them

 So apparently, the government is being forced by the courts to get rid of the current currency and replace it with bills that are easily distinguishable to the blind. It might just be cheaper for the government to provide those identifying machines to all the blind people in the country than to completely change the currency.

And on that same note, is it not ridiculous the places that you see Braile these days? When you walk into the restroom, or into an office, or any other public building, notice the Braile on the signage. I am all for businesses helping those with disabilities. Wheel chair ramps, elevators, and closed captioning are all great things. But seriously, if you see a blind person walking down a wall, arms out stretched, looking for some Braile, just ask them where they are going and point them in the right direction (or even walk them there).

 One of my favorite Braile sightings is on drive up ATMs. Yes, drive up ATMs. I mean, if there’s a need for Braile on those things, then maybe we should address the fact that blind people are driving vehicles.


One response to “Constitutional Right to Convienence?

  1. its going to be a simple matter of making the different bills different sizes like the euro bills. although, i did dislike having all my euro bills being different sizes. it made them hard to hold together. This maybe the end of the classic “wad of cash” because a stack of cash where the bills are all different sizes just doesn’t look the same

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