I Hate it when my own words come back to haunt me…

My future brother in law, good friend, and master theologian Jonathan has pointed out grievous hypocrisy in one of my previous posts.

I called Steve Gill out. I called him an idiot because of his representation of Dr. Camp yesterday. And I stick to the fact that he was wrong and he should have done more investigation of the subject before speaking about it. For a guy who distrusts the Tennessean as much as he does, its suprising how quickly he took Camp’s quotes as truth.

But I was wrong as well. There was no reason for me to call him names. That is not the way of our Lord  (well, I guess he did call the Pharisees a brood of vipers, but still). Out of one side of my mouth I criticized Mr. Gill for some of his positions which I believe are inconsistant with the teachings of Christ, yet out of the other I am doing some of the same things. Mr. Gill, I apologize.

 And I apologize to my readers. I have not been, and often am not, a good representative of the love of Christ. I call each of you to keep me accountable, too. When I say or do something that doesn’t exibit the attitude of Jesus, let me know. I want to be better, and I can’t do it without community.


One response to “I Hate it when my own words come back to haunt me…

  1. Jesus didn’t hold back when criticizing those who purported to be the moral authorities of the day, and Steve Gill seems to do a lot of that, IMHO. Idiot may not have been the right word, but you should feel free to use some of Jesus’ other words like hypocrite and my personal favorite whitewashed tomb.

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