Last Night

Last night, some of my friends and I had the pleasure of having dinner with a guy named Ronnie.

My good friend Jamie Hooten actually met Ronnie on his way into Dan McGuinness. Ronnie is homeless and he was trying to get some money to stay at the shelter tonight. It was all ready in the low twenties outside, so Jamie invited him to come have fish and chips with us.

 After we’d introduced ourselves, I asked Ronnie if he was originally from Nashville. He said he was, which led to him sharing his story. Ronnie and his wife co owned a business in Nashville refinishing car interiors. They divorced, but still owned the business together.

Three months ago, Ronnie’s ex wife, who was now living with her new boyfriend, passed away. A few days later, Ronnie showed up at his business and there was a padlock on the door. Apparently the entire company was in Ronnie’s wife’s name, and the ownership was now pending between different people. The story gets a little shaky from here, but basically, Ronnie’s house was foreclosed. He was trying to sell it so he could pay the lawyer to get his business back, but the only offer he’s received on it was less than half of the value of his house. So he can’t afford a lawyer, he has no money, and no home. He’s been living on the streets.

Ronnie finished his dinner and headed in the direction of the mission. He said he would come back next week (we eat there every Thursday) and I hope he does. I hope even more that he can at least get 85,000 for his house, so he can buy a rig to haul cars for Carmax. I can’t imagine being on the streets all night in 14 degree weather.

 If you think about it, say a prayer for Ronnie.


One response to “Last Night

  1. Good job inviting him to eat with you.

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