Self Depricating Humor

I was searching my name on google (cause I’m bored) and this is what I found.

 Yes, that’s right ladies and gentlemen. Graymont Cove was my first band in high school. We were not good. Not in the “we weren’t skilled musicians way” but in the “we wrote terrible songs way”.

 Check out the lyrics page and read some of the ridiculous crap that I put to paper thinking it merited being made into a song.


2 responses to “Self Depricating Humor

  1. Oh, wow. And I thought North of Boston was old school. This, Justin, is just too much. Haha.

    The funny thing is I have a burned CD of NOB with ‘Jess’ on it. I actually liked that song. I think Mitch gave it to me back when you guys were still in high school.

    ‘It wasn’t that long ago.’


  2. HIlarious.

    Hey, I don’t have your e-mail. I was going to follow up about your question on my blog regarding Gov. Romney… I think I was wrong. E-mail me!


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