I have been busy lately.

I wake up around 7:30, get ready, and head to Real Estate classes.  Sit in a room for 6 hours. Hop in my car and drive 40 minutes to Brentwood. Sit in front of a computer for another 4 and a half hours, and then drive 45 minutes back home.

After typing it, it doesn’t seem like much, but something about being away from home 11 hours a day 5 days straight is exausting.

On another depressing note, I’ve gained a significant amount of weight  recently. Like 13 pounds since July. This is not ok with me. I don’t eat a whole lot of food. I don’t eat well, but most of my fast food consumption is limited to chick fil a, so its not like I’m eating McDonalds every meal. Basically, the problem is eating late and not exercising. So, I have to change that. Problem is, I’ve never been a big fan of running and after an eleven hour day, there’s really not much that I want to do less than run. Also, getting home at 7:45 makes it difficult to eat dinner before eight.

So basically, I’m just gonna have to force myself to run and/or eat only healthy things for dinner. Pizza is probably out. Sad day for me. Anyone know any quick, healthy ways to lose weight?


2 responses to “Busy

  1. Bring a sandwich, fruit, and wheat thins for lunch. eat dinner midway through work, like 5:30.

  2. I have a good metabolism so that helps but in my mid 30’s I noticed I was not keeping it off like I used to. What I do is usually never eat lunch except maybe some Lance crackers or a sandwich. I then have a big dinner. I also watch my portions. Even though my wife might make an outstanding meal I will limit myself to ONE helping. Maybe two a couple times a week.

    Also, cut out the soft drinks or at least cut way back. I drink ONE a week and then guzzle water like crazy. Something like 4 – 5 bottles a day.

    I also walk (it’s great when you have an Ipod) 3 times a week about 4.5 miles each of those nights.

    I am not really losing weight but I am maintaining what I am. Cutting out the soft drinks is huge. If you just cut that out, you will see a dramatic change.

    Hope it helps. 🙂

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