Don’t you miss Elementary and High School

This first letter is just funny. I don’t know why or how this happened, but it made me laugh.

 This letter is probably rated PG-13. I can’t believe that this actually happened. I mean, you hear urban legends about it happening at restaurants, but I’ve never seen confirmation. Wow.



11 responses to “Don’t you miss Elementary and High School

  1. The first letter is sort of humorous. The second reflects how messed up our world can be. I CAN believe that it took place … how I wish it would not.

    Blessings my brother and Shalom,
    Bobby Valentine

  2. Oh, I forgot … Happy Hanukkah. It is the fourth day of the festival.

    Bobby Valentine

  3. Justin!! Sorry I have no comment about you post, I was just excited to see that you are doing well. We are still in LR but doing really well. Congrats on the engagement (is that new or old news, saw it in your profile) Anyway, just wanted to say Hi…so…HI!!!

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