Calling All Virgins

Nashville is Talking and Phil Wilson pointed me to this study which claims that 95% of the country has engaged in premarital sex.


2 responses to “Calling All Virgins

  1. Maybe I just have bad friends, but I can only think of one person that I know well enough to know that didn’t engage in some sort of activity…er…that would get you tossed off of a plane if done in the open…if you know what I mean (and he just got married). You can parse how far is too far (it’s really something of a science/olympic sport in the CoC), but it happens.

    At the same time, I think that any Christian who tries to see the Bible and the words of Jesus as something more than a list of static rules apart from cultural context cannot escape the impact that birth control and condoms have had on the morality of sex outside of marriage. This is because when the subject of sex ever came up in the Bible, in the writer’s mind, the idea of sex, procreation, and possibly disease were inexplicably interwoven. Its like talking today about one hand clapping: the concept seems to defy all known logic.

    You can say the morality should be the same, but you have the admit that the concept has changed and make the argument from there.

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