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I’m really starting to lose the ability to listen to talk radio. Some of it is funny and I agree with it, some of its funny and I don’t agree with it. Most of the time, the guys I listen to, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, are entertainers and they keep me entertained.

 But I really can’t listen to anyone else anymore without just losing my mind.

 A local guy from Nashville filled in for Glenn Beck yesterday, and he made my blood pressure rise to unsafe levels. I believe the topic was illegal immigration and English as the national language. I don’t think we should have a national language because I think its a redundant law, but protectionists don’t think that way (because they aren’t conservatives). Anyway, the conversation somehow turned into we “are too free” and that we have to give up some of our freedoms to save our country.

Let me reiterate that this guy thinks our nation is too free.

That just doesn’t fly with me. I can think of plenty of ways in which we aren’t free.

Income taxes

Government spying

Suspension of Habeas Corpus

The Patriot Act

Airport Security

Imminent Domain laws

And the list goes on and on. This country was founded on the idea of individual liberty. You can do what you want as long as you don’t infringe on the individual rights of others.

That has changed. And that is what will destroy America. Not terrorists. Not Illegal Aliens. Not Global Warming. Not the Corporations.

The government will eventually destroy this country.

Its sad. My life will continue and I will still be a citizen of the Kingdom of God. But this country has done some great things, and those things will soon come to an end.


8 responses to “Talk Radio

  1. I made the bold (and probable) prediction that in 100 years, the USA will be in the position that France is today: completely irrelevant to the rest of the world except its culture past and present, but still maintains that it is the center of the world. The downfall of this nation will be similar to the downward spiral of a paranoid schizophrenic who becomes so scared of germs or “them” that he locks himself in his home a la Howard Hughes.

  2. If the U.S. falls I don’t think many will care about it’s culture. Just a thought..

  3. I disagree, and here is why. The US, in reality and in the perception of the rest of the world, is two distinct entities. There is the government, which is seen as something of a terror right now and is corrupting itself through and through. The other part is the business, which props up the government officials monetarily, is the origin of our culture. Business in the US will continue long after our promenance as a world power wanes. It is expected that what our people and businesses do and say will become popular around the world, and this is a spot not so easily usurped.

  4. Sorry, the government won’t destroy the country — godless corporations will.

    Just check this article out:,,8210-2530519,00.html

    Sorry, but I just don’t believe you on that one. Corporations are slowly screwing over America, but it’s taking a lot of work to find them out. ABSOLUTELY NO CEO deserves to make more than a couple million.

  5. as opposed to the holy government?

    corporations are the reason we have the country we have. Corporations create jobs for millions of people.

    are they perfect? absolutely not. Is shady stuff done? Sure.

    But the fact is, they are at least somewhat accountable to people. The government isn’t really. Sure, we vote, but have you seen the success rate for incumbants? Its outlandish! And its because they can freakin gerrymander their districts to make sure they win.

  6. Nice to know that you actually read stuff.

    You obviously, DID NOT read what I posted. It’s one of the many examples of the way corporations screw America.

    What you see in the news is only the tip of the iceberg.

    And I never said the government was holy… don’t put words in my mouth!

  7. I did read the article. I think what they did was not right. But maybe I’m niave for believing this, but allowing people more freedoms can eventually end this sort of thing. The government will just screw up things more.

    When people see this sort of stuff happening, they get pissed off, and they can cease shopping at said store. Things can and will change because of that. More laws and regulations will end up hurting the little guy even more, because companies will find ways around laws that cut into their profit. They always do. When they find out that something they are doing is costing them money from consumers that can be won back, they will remedy things.

  8. There are groups of people who are trying to take away our freedoms. Bill O’Reilly wrote about this in “Culture Warrior”, exposing the Secular-Progressive mission. Whether or not you agree with all he says, he makes some really good points, and much of it is backed up by what is happening these days.

    Some of these same people are rewriting our country’s history and heritage, using propaganda to promote their agenda. They use lots of buzzwords to disguise it, like “tolerance”, “hate speech”, “equality”, etc. They want the government to run the show, telling us what we can and can’t say & do, so it’s “fair” for everyone. But then it’s a totalitarian government and we aren’t free anymore.

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