Tell me about yourself

I was thinking today about how, while I do know some of you that read my blog, there are plenty of people out there that I don’t know, and would like to.

 Leave me a comment with some information, name, hometown, background, a fun fact. You know the drill.



4 responses to “Tell me about yourself

  1. Jeff Slater. Minister for a Church of Christ in Ashland, Ohio. Born in Detroit, Michigan and grew up in the suburbs. Big fan of Detroit Tigers, Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Lions, and Detroit Pistons. 1987 Graduate of Harding University. Married to wife (Jill) for almost 18 years. Two kiddos and two dogs. Once ran a half-marathon in 1:51.

  2. Michael G. Freshman English/Philosophy major at Rhodes College in Memphis. Lived in Memphis all of my life. Big fan of North of Boston and This Suburban Starlight. Once travelled south to Mississippi to see TSS perform. Dating my best friend/roommate’s younger, red-headed, Jewish sister for over two years now. Will probably write a memoir with that same name. Play the autoharp.

  3. I am Cole Yoakum, nearly 20 (yikes) year old sophomore at Harding University studying Bible and Religion. I am from Beebe Arkansas a town about 20 miles from Harding.

    I don’t have many interesting facts… I love to watch the Office.

  4. well, besides the fact that you stood toe to toe with hannity and endured his tongue lashing in the name of Christ, nothing interesting.

    Glad you’re reading Cole, and others.

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