The Mail and My Paycheck

Let me tell you, I have a beef with the United States Postal Service.

 I was supposed to get my paycheck last Friday, but for some reason, it never arrived in the mail. It should have arrived at our office on Tuesday the 26th, but I’m not going to harp on them for it being a little late. I mean, its Christmas, people are mailing packages and cards like its going out of style. I can handle a little delay.

But nothing came Wednesday. Or Thursday. Or Friday.

And then came the weekend. A long one mind you. The mail doesn’t run on Monday because its New Years, so I come to work yesterday hoping that the mail will come with my check. It didn’t. We called the Post Office.

“Due to a National Day of Mourning for former President Gerald Ford, the Post Office will not be delivering mail on Tuesday January 2nd”

*le sigh*

Apparently, postal workers across the country were so saddened by Gerald Ford’s death, um, a week ago, that New Year’s Day was just not enough break to mourn the loss of a man who was never elected as VP or President, yet held both of those offices.

And because of these, clearly suicidal postal workers, I am now 6 days late getting my check. I mean, its not like I have bills to pay. Or an empty cupboard or tank of gas.

Me and the US Postal Service are on the rocks. I think we may need counseling to sort this mess out. Either that, or someone just delivers my freakin’ check.


10 responses to “The Mail and My Paycheck

  1. You’re an inconsiderate asshole – no respect for ANY type of authority

  2. Postal workers hold authority over me? Hmm…I was unaware.

    But nonetheless, thanks for stopping by, even though your comment was quite sophomoric, I can look past that and thank you for telling me how your really feel.

  3. Are you really in Australia?

  4. Yes.

    I was referring to your total lack of respect to Ford… Seriously… he did so much for America, and yet on his death, you completely bash him. Have a little respect for a great man.

    Seriously, you expect people to look so irreverently on you when you die??

  5. I don’t think Justin was saying his death was not important, just that we didn’t need to let the mail workers off work for it.

  6. I’m curious, what did Ford do for America? He is hardly considered one of our greatest Presidents. And how is saying that he was never elected as VP or Presidents “bashing” the man? It is the truth.

  7. Y: That is a great trivia question. I personally liked Ford and respect him and do think he deserved the lowering of the flags, but don’t think all buisness should stop do to the death of any man.

  8. The trivia being that he was the only president never to be elected (VP or Pres).

  9. Did you get your paycheck?

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