John Edwards: Hope for the Poor or Hypocricy and more?

Phil Wilson and I were talking earlier this morning about Larry James’ post on John Edwards and his announcement that he was running for President of the United States.

 The gist of the discussion was whether or not Edwards announcement in the Katrina ravaged Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans was a political stunt or a true showing of solidarity with the poor. Larry believes that Edwards rhetoric of late shows that he is truely an activist for ending poverty in this country, and that his choice of locale for his big announcement is proof of that. I beg to differ.

John Edwards did grow up impoverished, as the son of a millworker in rural South Carolina. He was the first in his family to attend college. He then went to law school and became a successful trial attorney, or what others call, an Ambulance chaser.

Edwards makes his multi millions of dollars through class action lawsuits against companies, doctors, etc. In case you don’t know much about class action suits, just turn on the tv during Jerry Spring or Maury Povich and you’ll get a glimpse. You’ll see the occasional commercial with dark music and a voice over asking if you’ve ever taken a certain medication or used a certain product. If you have, and you have certain symptoms, you may qualify to participate in a class action suit against Company X. This suit is filed by a few lawyers who advertise to people that may not even have any true adverse effects. The suit goes to court and, depending on how many people are involved, they may get a negligible sum at the end of the case. I mean, if 10,000 people took Phen Phen and got heart problems and they sued the company, the monitary damages are divided amongst those people (likely numbering way more than 10 thousand). The people probably don’t get enough to cover all their medical bills, but guess who gets a fat pay check. That’s right. John Edwards. And through these suits, many companies who may or may not have known that their product had any ill effects, will go out of business, putting many probably lower middle class people out of work. Good job John.

 I’m gonna leave a couple of links about John Edwards, just so you can check them out.


The Vaguely Dissatisfied Rich

Rhetoric vs Record


10 responses to “John Edwards: Hope for the Poor or Hypocricy and more?

  1. He’s the son of a millworker? Really? I had no idea.

    I also heard recently that John Kerry served in Vietnam and received a few Purple Hearts.


  2. here’s the thing, my little brother…reading something in print (especially dealing with our opinions on religion, politics, love, etc) is so very likely to be misunderstood, especially when we use broad sweeping statements. I want to encourage you…keep working at your wording. Keep challenging, but season your writing with grace and patience. It will help people actually hear what you’re trying to say instead of instantly writing you off as mean and costic. I know your heart and can vouch for it–but many of your blog challengers do not.

    This is my wise sage advice for Friday (laughing at that description!!!)

  3. I do have a problem with tactfulness. Its never been my strong suit. I would never make it as a minister, that’s for sure.

    I literally don’t know how you keep it together sometimes Brandon, especially with the ridiculous stuff that gets sent your way.

    Thanks for the advice. I really appreciate it!

  4. Justin: I am not sure on John Edwards, but I am not for many lawyers especially in the class action lawsuits. As a republican I am hoping for Obama to make it out of the Dems for president. I could live with him as president.

  5. Ambulance chaser? Sounds like naked capitalism at its finest. Are you fer it or agin it?

  6. Are ya serious Shannon??? 😉

    There are very few things that I am pro government getting involved in. I am pro tort reform. I think that corporations should be responsible for doing things wrong, but I think that lawyers shouldn’t make millions and hundreds of millions of dollars suing companies, some of whom haven’t done anything wrong, but will settle out of court because its cheaper than going to trial against these guys.

    I think the majority of Tort lawyers are little more than thieves. Look, BST’s comment is still up there telling me to be nicer. There are good things about some tort guys, but many of them take advantage of companies and the people that the companies supposedly harmed. They are in it for the money.

  7. “They are in it for the money”
    They saw a market and took advantage of it. Capitalism, right?

    You see them as thieves and as morally reprehensible.

    I see companies that suppress their workers in order to obscenely reward their management and stockholders in the same way.

    Proverbs 30:8 “Give me neither poverty nor riches. Give me just enough to satisfy
    my needs.” (NLT)

  8. Its unrestrained capitalism in a faulty legal system. The only reason there is a market for it is because our court system is screwed up. Laws should protect individual rights…. of all parties. That includes the poorest of the poor and the richest of the rich. Anything less is tyranny. It is tyrannical that the government allows punitive damage awards like they do. How about the woman who spilled coffee on her crotch at McDonalds and won a multimillion dollar lawsuit? How about how Malpractice insurance is running so high in Mississippi for OBGYNs that doctors are shutting down their practices.

    People can pretend to be for the little guy and take down big corporations. But when the big corportaions decide that its no longer worth the hassle to produce because of frivilous lawsuits and ridiculous government regulation, they will shut down. And where will we be then? Screwed.

    Have you read Atlas Shrugged by any chance? I don’t agree with all of Rand’s philosophy, but its quite an intriguing story about the effects of government intervention on business. She should know. She lived through the Bolshevik revolution.

  9. BTW…. what are your needs shannon?

    I mean, I could live without a computer. I could live without dental insurance. I could live without pizza. I could live without a vehicle. I could live without heat and air conditioning?

    Its easy to use verses like that to judge other people. Maybe we should just look at ourselves.

  10. Be nice now 🙂
    Notice the verse says my needs, not your needs.
    I hope you have all you want and more.

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