Attention Minimum Wage Supporters:

How do you feel about this? I would like some answers, cause this is downright hypocritical.


One response to “Attention Minimum Wage Supporters:

  1. The Marianas Islands (of which American Samoa is a part) have been exempted from minimum wage laws for years (all during the Republican years) by force of law. This minimum wage bill, for the first time, has included part of the Marianas Islands, though not all of it. So this bill has really expanded the reach of the minimum wage (not that I’m a huge proponent of it anyway).

    Saying that this bill excludes American Samoa is like saying that a congressman voted for a tax increase when he just voted against a ridiculous bill with a tax decrease in it.

    I love that all of a sudden the Republicans are concerned about the Samoans. Yes, it appears somewhat hypocritical, but if this is the worst corruption in Congress right now, it’s going in the right direction.

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