Can you imagine if they tables were turned

If a Republican had said this to a democrat…. wow.


7 responses to “Can you imagine if they tables were turned

  1. If a repulican had said something like that to a democrat…. it would have been like the last 12 years in Washington

  2. y —

    Either you are completely ignorant, or just plain dumb. If a Republican had said something like this to a Democrat, the feminazis would be marching in the streets and Katie Couric would be weeping about it on the evening news.

    Case-in-point: Remember how the feminazis treated Clarence Thomas? And remember how they basically winked at Bill Clinton’s escapades?

  3. Do you remember how the Bush campaign smeared John McCain in South Carolina by running telephone polls asking “would you vote for McCain if you were told that he had an interracial love child” when the reality was he had adopted an asian child?

    Do you remember how the military record of John Kerry was ruined in the court of public opinion by Republicans who were not there who contradicted the consistent recollection of the few people who were actually there?

    Do you remember how the President of the United States was impeached for lying about getting a blowjob, while the current president is still in office after lying repeatedly about the reasons for our occupation of a sovereign nation and the deaths of 3000 American soldiers and uncounted Iraqis?

    You can’t really make a good case that Republicans have had their feet put the fire any time recently for the ridiculous things they have done or said, while on the other hand, Democrats have been routinely criticized for the slightest slip of the tongue or things that they haven’t even done.

  4. y,

    I can understand your point entirely, but the deal here is the specific situation. Barbara Boxer basically said that Condi’s opinions don’t count because she doesn’t have children. Can you imagine the backlash from feminists (and democrats) if a Republican had said that to an unmarried democrat woman? It would be ridiculous. THey would be calling for her head. It would probably be a lot like Trent Lott saying that he wished Strom Thurmond had ended up president. But its not, because its a democrat. The only media that jump on the story are Fox News and Talk Radio. The big three networks and CNN and NBC, barely make mention of it, and there may be a story buried int he pages of the NYTs and WaPo. Definitely Trent Lott got a lot more press. I”m not saying he was right or that Barbara Boxer was wrong. I’m saying that the mainstream media has a double standard. Its obvious to anyone who’s watching.

  5. Feminazi? Is it 1992 again? I haven’t heard that used in years.

    I saw some soundbites last night, and I see Boxer’s comments quoted in the article.

    However, I’m not sure I see anything said where Boxer implies “Rice is not fully qualified to make policy at the highest levels of the American government because she is a single, childless woman” as the article says. And, I didn’t see that in the soundbites, either.

    Seems to me that she says that, without children of age, Rice will not necessarily pay a personal price. She says the same of herself, indicating her children are too old and grandchildren too young.

    Maybe there’s more to it than what’s quoted in the article and the soundbites (of the same quotes) I saw, but I guess I don’t see why this is so controversial.

    But I hear your point about things being presented differently on various news outlets depending on which side is the (alledged) offender. And you also know that if a Republican said this to a Democrat, Hannity and the like would be defending it.

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