Man is the world groaning for our Lord

A man keeps a preteen boy in his home for 4 years, seperated from his parents….

A freak ice storm paralyses oklahoma…

The Iraq war wages on without an end in sight…

A parcel of land to be devoted to housing for the homeless is shot down by people with an irrational fear of those that don’t look like them….

 What are we to do?

 As much as we can, as often as we can.

When you see a homeless man on the street, talk to him. Don’t look at him (or her) as a project, someone to convert. Don’t talk about Jesus like he’s going to make this person not homeless anymore. Just be Jesus. Love the man, just as much as you love the friends that are around you. Shake his hand, ask his name, help him any way you can.

Make a conscious effort when you pass a hispanic family, not to think “illegal” but think “human being”.

When you watch the news and see troops dying…. love the people that killed them just as much as the troop wearing your flag on his arm.

 Love scandalously. Love despite what the law of the land says. Love despite what your peers might think. Just love unconditionally.


3 responses to “Man is the world groaning for our Lord

  1. And a reminder to be ye kind in the blog world might not be a bad thing either.

  2. Thanks Kelley, I always need that reminder.

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