Locked out of my car and why American Idol is disgusting

I’m still at work. I was supposed to leave 40 minutes ago, but as I approached my car, I realized that I didn’t have my keys. For anyone who’s experienced that before, its certainly not a good feeling. I can’t adequately describe it… but I can tell you, more often than not it involves explitives running through your mind if not being screamed from deep in your lungs.

 So, I’m updating tonight from my computer at work. My poor fiancee is having to drive up here from Murfreesboro (for non Nashvillians, its a good 30 miles) to unlock my car so I can go home. The bad thing is, I can’t see my keys in the car. I’m not 100% sure that they are in there. They could have fallen out of my pocket somewhere and I just had no idea. I had the keys at 5 when I went to my car to get my chapstick, but I don’t have them now.

Anyway, on to things that don’t involve me being angry at myself… American Idol. If anyone watched last night (and I’m assuming you did, Something like 25 million people watch that wretched show) you witnessed some of the meanest things I’ve ever seen on television. Not just Simon, but Paula and Randy as well. Several socially awkward guys tried out and were absolutely demolished by the judges. Not neccesarily because they were bad singers (they were) but because they were fat, or ugly, or just plain socially slow. This show is supposed to be (mostly) about singing. I understand that an “American Idol” probably needs to be somewhat attractive, which means in our culture, probably not obese and definitely some sort of proportional facial features, but the first couple episodes are purely about making fun of people. And I can’t handle it.

In the interest of full disclosure, I do make fun of people a lot. Its wrong. Its something I am trying to fix, and its difficult. But there’s a key difference in my making fun of someone in my head and American Idol specifically bringing in non talented, awkward people to Simon, Randy, and Paula.

“They’re not specifically brought in Justin, you idiot,” you might say. You would be wrong. Have you thought about how long it would take for those three to audition all 10,000 people that show up at each audition city?

 They can’t. They pick these bad people out of the crowd to humiliate them. Sure they signed contracts, relinquishing their rights, but I think its only a matter of time before someone kills themself and the Idol train flies off the tracks.

 Edit: Found my keys after an hour sitting at work. I’m an idiot.


6 responses to “Locked out of my car and why American Idol is disgusting

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  2. Justin: This is my least favorite part of the show. What is sad is that it is many people’s favorite part.

  3. I’ve never really watched American Idol, but I did last night. And I agree with you. Thanks for saying it so well…

  4. and we try to justify it by saying things like….”they are asking for it by wanting to be on TV”

    so much for the golden rule, huh?

  5. Glad you found your keys, Justin. I am probably the only person alive who hasn’t seen Idol, but even so I could tell you everything that happens on the show just by being a living and breathing American. And I can tell you that I totally agree with what you’re saying here!

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