Bad Day

Today, my hours got cut at work.

Today, millions upon millions of people will try to live on less than a dollar a day, what I make in roughly 6 minutes.



2 responses to “Bad Day

  1. After my husband being laid off twice in two years awhile back, we’ve learned never to assume that the job will last. Even though he’s a sought after professional “right now” that can change in an instant. He’s gone back to school to hopefully help with that, but bottom line is, unless you are self employed. Someone can always cut you. And even in you are self employed. People can choose someone else. It’s all a part of that “being content in whatever state you are in”. Which is one of the hardest lessons of life.
    I pray things work out better for you just around the bend. Suggested reading “A Bend in the Road” by Dr. David Jeremiah. Good stuff.

  2. You can always work at Walmart. Tons of people make a living from it (just don’t get sick).

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