This May Be the Most Important Post I Ever Make

Are you paying attention?


I’ve been mulling over this for a couple of days, deciding on whether or not I should post about it, or just go out on the street corner and shout it out. After discussing with Phil Wilson and Scott Freeman, I decided that writing it on a blog probably would give me a least a little time for the message to get out before I’m killed by angry mobs.

America can’t win the War on Terrorism.

That’s right, America CAN’T win the War on Terrorism.

Now, before you dismiss me as a Liberal schmuck, I offer you this disclaimer. There was a time in the not too distant past, when I would have gone of the handle just reading those words. I was super Republican and I let everyone know it. I was knocking down commies and hippies at every corner of the web.

Then something changed. I realized that when Christ says that we are to love our enemies, he’s not just talking about the guy that is trying to take your job at work, or the teacher who has a beef with you for no reason. He’s talking about people who want to harm you, steal from you, murder you. He’s talking about Islamofascists, Nazis, Gangbangers, and Communists. And there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY to love a person if you want them to be killed. None. So I gave up war.

I haven’t set out to protest any of the conflicts we’re in around the world, though. I know that Governments are going to do what they will do, and I will disagree with that, but my job is not to make the government “Christian” (because it can’t be), but to show Christ to everyone that I meet.

Which leads me to my original point. America can’t win the war on terror.

We are generally a nice group of people. In most cases, we don’t bomb people indiscriminantly (though some feel Iraq was unjust, and I can sympathize with that position) and we send aid to others, and we let people worship freely. We allow many things that many other countries don’t. Freedom of speech, press, right to bear arms, etc. We are a free nation.

And because we are good, we fight wars differently than others do. We attempt to fight fair. We will do our absolute best to keep civilian deaths as low as possible, even if that means losing some of our own men.

And that is why we can’t win the war on terror.

There is no way to defeat a guerilla army, one that hides among commoners, straps bombs to their chests, and blow themselves up, without complete and total annihilation. It just won’t happen. Just as fast as we can kill these people, more are joining their ranks (or cult, if you will) because they become angry (understandably) that we are killing their countrymen. It’s happened before in history if you recall. There was a King named George and a group of colonies who didn’t like being treated as second class citizens. They rose up, but they didn’t fight conventionally. They hid in bushes, they set traps, they didn’t line up in rows in a pasture and shoot at each other. Cause they couldn’t win that way. And eventually, the American forces defeated the British and won their independence.

Those same tactics are at work here, except, the stakes are much higher. No longer do people fight wtih muskets and cannons but with nuclear bombs and biological weapons. Guerilla Warfare has changed and it will defeat us. Maybe not in the conventional way. They won’t come in and take the White House and cut off our President’s head… but as soon as someone gets a nuclear or biological weapon to detonate in this country, its gonna be 1984 for all of us, and that will be the end.

This country that started off with high hopes of Liberty and Justice for All will become just another tyranical state, dictating all sorts of decisions that you take for granted at this time. And its going to be bad.

And my message for everyone is simply this. Do NOT put your trust in a country, a creed, or even in an ideology that is not Christ. America cannot save you from the principalities and powers that work against us. Only Christ can. And he will, eventually, save us all. But if you put your hope in this country, your faith in this country… when it falls, its gonna be a hard fall for you.

I pray that people relinquish their faith in the system to solve all our ills, and put their faith in Christ and his lifestyle that leads to a cross, but also to salvation.


11 responses to “This May Be the Most Important Post I Ever Make

  1. so, people with Liberal beliefs are schmucks now?

  2. out of that entire post, that’s what you decided to pull out?


    I was speaking to those that would think that I’m a “liberal schmuck”. I wasn’t calling liberals schmucks. I’m arguing that we can’t win the war on terror, and you think I’m calling liberals schmucks.


  3. You are a surrender monkey. You are a pinko, commie, defeatist liberal. I will put this as simple as I know how. There is evil in the world, and we are good. If you aren’t for us, you are against us. If Jesus were here, he would kick your ass before he helped Alberto Gonzales take away habeus corpus and then waterboarded some jihadist savage sand monkeys

  4. Good post. Looks like you plagiarized emails I sent you two years ago 🙂 Just for full disclosure, I am the Bill O’Reilly impersonator

  5. You should have let us think it was actually bill…

    Obviously, I knew, cause you left your email address, but no one else would have known. I would have played along.

  6. That’s pretty funny, “Bill”.

    Great thoughts, you schmuck, you.

  7. I’ll be a liberal schmuck too. Good stuff.

  8. While I certainly don’t put my confidence behind a country, creed or political leader for my salvation, I gladly support the United States of America and it’s responsibility to protect and defend her citizens.
    American can’t win the war on terrorism? That is not only a very sad statement, it’s very false.
    You are by far the most negative person I’ve ever met.

  9. Snapshot,

    There is no good outcome to this war. The reason we can’t win, isn’t because we don’t have the military might. We could conquer the world, like charlemagne, but we aren’t going to do that. We aren’t going to decimate the middle east, north africa, and indonesia, but that’s the only way to eradicate this threat. Prosecuting the war the way we are, is going to continue to create more terrorists because it feeds into the propaganda. When we go to Iraq, it basically gives credence to what the terrorists are saying, which helps them bring moderates into their fold. What I’m saying is, if we do this, we will be fighting this war forever. If we don’t do anything, we’ll have a nuke or bio weapon in this country and we will cease to be free. People are willing to give up freedoms for security now, theywill be even more willing when a nuke detonates. The government will take complete control over everything to keep it from happening, and our experiment in freedom will be over.

    There’s no good outcome to this.

    Outcome 1 – nuke the entire muslim world and kill thousands upon thousands of innocent civlians. This would probably end the threat.

    Outcome 2 – continue our current wars. This just encourages more muslims to fight us, which will keep this war going for the rest of our lives.

    Outcome 3 – The democrats do nothing, and withdraw from iraq and afghanistan. Terrorists continue coming after us, detonate a nuke, which ends in an american tyranny.

    There’s no good outcome.

  10. Sorry, I just totally disagree with your view of things. We’ll be fighting the war of sin forever too, but that doesn’t mean that you give up and let evil win. It means that you do all you can to protect your family and teach them what is right. I just believe that teaching them to allow evil to be victorious is sending a very, very wrong message to our children and the world.
    Sorry, we just disagree. Our “experiment in freedom” won’t be over. It will be tested and there will be set backs just as we as Christians are tested daily, but it won’t be over. God is in control. Negativity is not the mindset of someone who believes in the power of God.
    Yes, the wars may continue, but even so, God is in control.

  11. Justin,
    You should come by my blog sometime. You would be quite at home, it’s a small outpost, “a garrison” if you will, of the Kingdom.

    It is encouraging to see young people such as yourself who have seen things similar to what I have seen. (Kingdomly speaking.)

    I might say that, in my opinion, we have all fallen into the schmuck bin.
    Still though…, He didn’t seem to mind too much, having to get down into the schmuck heap, to pull us out.

    I have written a lot about these issues as well. Especially, since be challenged to change my whole worldview, which happened by my best friend last June 2006. You may be interested in my blog. Last November 12, I published a posting entitled Principals & Allegiances at the following link, (

    You may recognize the date as being the Monday following the USA national elections.
    I was still trying to work-out whether the Gov’t changes were good, bad or irrelevant, when I wrote. If you read, please read the two comments that follow, because I was challenged about even holding to an idea of principals and allegiances, and therefore, I was still wondering about it myself.
    This all remains in the greater context of being a citizen of the kingdom of God.
    Anyway, I like the thoughts & Spirit here.

    My Godly & Philosophy links may interest you as well.
    If you see that the blog is interesting, you may want to look at the list of essays that I have posted in the JavaScript dropdown list under the heading “What did D.S. Martin say about…?”. It is all theology and much of it deals with similar things that I’ve read here at your “Growing up” place.

    God bless,

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