Its been a while since I last posted

I really apologize. I’ve been crazy busy. Yesterday I packed up all my things and moved to East Nashville.  Needless to say, that was a stressful thing that I still haven’t recovered from.

The illegal immigration “debate” is delving deeper and deeper into racism over at Mike Cope’s blog. The comments are ridiculous.

 Also, some more Abilene link love, GKB has gotten the non violence ball rolling once again. Again, comments are getting crazy.

This morning I woke up and turned on the TV (I only have NBC until my cable gets hooked up) and the Today show was doing what seemed to be wall to wall coverage of Anna Nicole Smith’s death. We have two seperate wars going on, Iran continues to threaten us with nuclear weapons, and the news is talking about Anna Nicole Smith.

 Is something wrong with our priorities?


21 responses to “Its been a while since I last posted

  1. Gee, Justin..I wonder who contributed to the whole racism thing. Could it be a comment like this one from you:

    “Could it be because there’s something deeper than just the illegal part?”

    That right there my friend SMACKS of insuiating racism.

  2. I’m not the one making blanket xenophobic statements about a group of people Roland.

    The illegal immigration debate, especially those talking about illegals stealing american jobs, or about them being degenerates or perverts or criminals, is based on sterotypes and racism.

    Either choose Christ or Uncle Sam… but choose this day whom you will serve. As for me and my house…

  3. Justin, please point out my xenophobic statement and what group I am talking about.

    See, that is the problem. We cannot talk about immigration without folks like you saying we are racist towards Hispanics when many times we have not even uttered a word about ANY race much less hispanics.

    Why don’t you get it Justin? We are talking about ILLEGAL immigration. Not about hating hispanics.

  4. Let me throw out some xenophobic statements for ya Roland…

    “Let’s focus on the word ILLEGAL! You know, I bet a lot of car jackers, bank robbers and other criminals”

    Even though coming across the border isn’t even a misdemeanor, you want to compare it to stealing personal property. The only way you could even attempt to compare coming across the border without documentation and stealing is if they come over here and don’t work and take government handouts. But most hispanics work, so that argument is null and void.

    Here’s a statement from K
    “Encouraging people to come here illegally and then expecting that they will act legally from that point is a riduculous assumption.”

    Of course, because they came over here without documentation, that means they are going to come in and rape our daughters, steal our cars, kill our grandmothers…. wait… I know plenty of people who broke the law when their families lives were at stake, but that doesn’t mean they are going to just throw the law into the wind.

    Another gem from K
    “No one said illegals weren’t human. But they are ILLEGAL. No one is saying DO NOT HELP THE HISPANIC NEEDY. And if you’ll read my previous posts, I did not say do not help those here. I said HELP THEM DO THIS LEGALLY.”

    I love how she says.. well, they are human, but they are illegal, so when it comes down to it, just because they are human they aren’t quite good enough. We need them to be law abiding citizens before we help them.

    Here’s a kicker from “JM”
    “We all have locks on our doors for the same reason our nation has immigration laws — to keep out those who would harm us.”

    Yep, the reason we are keeping the ‘mexicans’ out is because they will harm us.

    I could go on and on… do I need to?

  5. Yes, you do need to go on Justin. Not a single one of those statements implied or said anything about not liking a certain race. They ALL said something about breaking the law. BTW, I never compared it to other crimes in that it was worse or better just that it was a crime.

    Looks like the other one playing the race card was YOU:

    “Could it be because there’s something deeper than just the illegal part?”

    YOU are the only one who implied that other people posting were racist.

  6. Roland-

    The reason I made that statement is because all these people are making statements about how they don’t dislike immigrants, just the illegal ones, but no one is making the case that we should make immigration easier. And I wonder if that’s not because there’s deeper issue at hand than just the people breaking the law. Its the statements of how they are dangerous, how they mooch off the government, how they don’t assimilate, etc that sound racist.

  7. Insinuating the race card is not the right way to get that done, Justin.

  8. Yes, there are some ridiculous comments over on Cope’s blog. Some are comparing those who are opposed to illegal immigration to Nazis and the KKK.

    When called on it, one ‘enlightened’ commenter (Lisa) said:

    “If the hood fits…..”

  9. Why is illegal immigration bad just because it is illegal? It is only illegal because within the last 60 years, our government decided that it didn’t want to let as many people enter our country as want to come in.

    It seems to me that if you want to oppose illegal immigration, why not call for the government to openly allow all illegals to go to their nearest police station or government office and apply for citizenship? then they wouldn’t be illegal would they?

  10. How long before a nuke is set off on US soil that was simply walked across our swiss cheese boarders.

    If anything…let’s at least secure our boarders.

  11. Yeah, we need some boards there too. 🙂

  12. Rather than secure our borders, perhaps we should stop doing the things that would make people want to bring a nuclear bomb across our borders. Ever notice that Switzerland and Australia don’t have terrorism problems?

  13. So, we should all convert to Islam then? No. It’s not US who need to change. It’s the people who want to behead us just for being American’s that need to be stopped.

  14. Ah, the old red herring comes back out. You need to take a few minutes to listen to what al Qaeda has actually said its rationale for agression against the US is rather than what Sean Hannity says it is. They don’t say its because they want us to convert to Islam, nor do they mention our freedom. The reason they mention consistently is that they want us to leave them alone.

  15. Ah the old “You say this so you must listen to Sean Hannity” hed herring.

    Leave them alone? Sooooooooo let’s see….the USS Cole? The first Trade Center Bombing? Those are in response to…what?

    I have heard what they have to say. So, according to you we should enslave our women and kill the Jews, right? I mean, that is one of their reasons for aggression against us.

  16. The USS Cole and the first trade center bombing are just some of the more recent outbursts against our involvement in their politics since WWI.

    I don’t agree with the way they want to live their lives in their land, and I don’t want their way of life forced on me here. If we want to prevent that from occuring from within our own society, then we need to protect EVERYONE’s civil liberties, and in doing so we protect everyone ability to live their lives as they see fit. If we want to protect our society from outside force, we need to conduct ourselves in a way such that people don’t want to do us harm.

    In your everyday life, if you go around telling people want to do and generally being an asshole to everyone, and justify it by saying that you can kick everyone’s ass, that is a stressful and difficult way to live. If you live your life in such a way that people respect you and like you, its much easier. There are countries that are freer than we are (we are getting pretty far down on the annual freedom list. google it) that don’t lose any sleep over terrorism and don’t spend a tenth of what we spend on “defense”. We emulate their foreign policy.

  17. if we leave them alone and don’t bother any one at any time they will just leave us alone? Really?

    Are you by chance related to Neville Chamberlain?

  18. I’m not saying blind pacifism will ensure peace in all cases (it didn’t work out well for France), but in this case it will work, and it does work. Why are we their target, and not other nations like Australia? What about Brazil? Mexico?

  19. y —

    I noticed you didn’t mention England, Spain and Indonesia (all victims of al qaeda attacks). The truth is, the United States has interests all around the world, including the Middle East. If Saudi Arabia doesn’t want us on their soil, they will ask us to leave. And we will. But we won’t because a small group of islamofacist lunatics get upset.

  20. I didn’t mention those countries because those countries have been attacked for their aggression against muslim countries. You say we would willingly leave if a country asked us to leave. If that is so, then when the leadership of Iraq says we shouldn’t send more troops and when the majority of Iraqis polled says they want us to leave, why don’t we leave?

    Let me pose another idea that is somewhat off topic but still relevant. The argument is often made that we are there fighting radical muslims so we don’t have to fight them at home. The reality over there is that we are trying to keep the peace between the majority Shia (armed and supported by Iran) and the minority Sunni (armed and supported by the Saudis). Now, al Qaeda is entirely Sunni, which explains why Iran was so helpful in deposing the Taliban. Left alone in Iraq, the Shia would most likely go on a genocidal rampage and try to eradicate the Sunnis in the country. This would lead to one of two conclusions. (1) the countries in the region would join their brethren and there would be a regional war that would likely spike the price of oil, but would solve our terrorism problem for a while as al Qaeda would be much more concerned about killing Shia than us. Or (2) all sides would be too scared to support their brethren in Iraq, afraid of an inevitable regional war, and the Shia will kill all the Sunnis. We would probably have war crimes tribunals in a few years for genocide, but at least we can be sure there would be no al Qaeda in Iraq.

    QED, I say we leave.

  21. I am glad to see you up again. I am always blessed when I visit.

    Bobby Valentine

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