Are you Green enough?

Seriously, where does it stop?


4 responses to “Are you Green enough?

  1. The people pushing for the removal of phthalates comes from folks like Violet Blue who have been pushing this for years out of personal health reasons rather than environmental. The environmental piece is just something these people latched onto. Because the market for sex toys is enormous, yet still taboo, the majority of producers have no incentive to manufacture quality products made from more expensive, safer materials rather than the cheap jelly rubber that is predominately used. This is a good step in the right direction by sex-positive manufacturers and retailers to use market forces to create safer products rather than leaning of government to regulate.

  2. Wow. This is amusing. Not sure why you filed this under religion, though…

  3. Yes, we all know who is getting married soon…

  4. Careful… Carrie’s mom and brother read this.

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