Who Cares More About The Poor?

Over at Scott Freeman’s blog, there’s been some discussion as to which party cares more about poor people, Republicans or Democrats.

I’m not gonna stand here and say one does more than the other. But I offered this opinion in the comments today.

What do you understand “helping people help themselves” to be? Is it giving able bodied people endless welfare? Is it trying to determine a “fair” wage? Is it telling large groups of people that they are too stupid to make something of themselves on their own, and that they need big brother to help them do it? Because that’s what’s become of welfare. Its buying votes. You put me in office, I put more money in your pocket. Nobody cares what is done with the money. Nobody cares about the ghettoization of black society since LBJ. I’m not saying black people had it well before the civil rights movement. Things were crappy (I’d use another word, but I’m trying to cut down on inflamatory posts) but there were black family units. A mother and a father. The welfare state has replaced the black father… he’s no longer needed to provide for a family, and you can see what has happened to poor african american families across the country.

I’m not against helping people by any stretch of the imagination, and I’m not saying Republicans are perfect by any stretch of the imagination. What I’m saying is if welfare is not done responsibly, it dehumanizes generations. How many poor black kids aspire to nothing more than living in the projects and collecting a check because THAT’S THEIR REALITY. They know nothing more than their environment. They need leaders saying YOU CAN DO BETTER. Its gonna be hard, but you can do better than that. Maybe its just getting a real apartment and moving out of the projects. Maybe its making damn sure that your kids are in school when they are supposed to, and doing their assigned work. Something’s got to change, but just giving money to someone, with no relationship whatsoever, and telling them to vote for you, cause you’ll keep the checks coming… I don’t see how that is helping the poor. And I’m from Memphis, I’ve seen it first hand. I’ve been in the projects and seen people driving nicer cars than I do. I’ve been in the projects and have seen several thousand dollar entertainment systems and no furniture. These are things that money cannot fix. It just makes it work. They need people like Bill Cosby standing up and letting them know that they can do better, that there are obstacles, but there’s something better out there than living paycheck to paycheck in a crime infested neighborhood, someone to tell them that there is respect beyond being in a gang. They need someone to tell them that they matter. But when someone does succeed, the leftist black leaders call them an uncle tom unless they toe the party line of vote democrat, and we’ll send you a check.

It sickens me, and it sickens me even more when people try to say because you have a certain letter by your name you care more for the poor. Its really easy to care for the poor with someone else’s money. And that’s what politicians do.

What do you think?


4 responses to “Who Cares More About The Poor?

  1. Hey man, 1988 called and it wants its political reality back. I’m glad you still care about the poor, but we have more pressing issues right now. As soon as we get a justice department that isn’t corrupt, an intelligence agency that is intelligent, a foreign policy that is going to get us killed, and hell, how bout we just throw in right for queers, then we can get started on the “self-reliance republicans” and the “welfare democrats” because, on this issue, I agree with you 100%

  2. I agree Justin.

  3. Have you spoke to Larry James about this yet? I’m sure he can provide some great insight in the answer to who helps the poor more. 🙂

  4. I am with you Justin because, unlike Y, I tend to think of building America from the ground up. You take care of all of the people now, and as they grow up you will have quality lives for people filling positions in the intelligence agency, etc. I know very little about politics, but taking care of impoverished families seems to have more significance than the integrity of a man in any agency.

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