Every time I go to Memphis…

I turn on Mike Fleming. He’s our local “conservative” radio host here in town. He’s not very articulate, but he’s often funny (mostly because he’s not very articulate). Anyway, today, as I made my approach into Memphis on I 40, Mike was on and he was talking about the latest scandal in Memphis politics. I couldn’t quite understand what was going on by listening to Mike, but I asked my Dad and he explained it to me.

MLGW is our utility company here in Memphis. At one time, our utility company was one of the most respected in the nation. However, several years ago, Mayor Herenton, or as we call him “King Willie”, decided to put a good friend, Joseph Lee, in charge of MLGW. Many questioned this decision, some charging Herenton with cronyism. Soon after, Memphis Light Gas and Water began having some financial issues.

Well today’s issue is that certain high ups in the Memphis Government, one with the last name of Ford (Yep, think Harold Ford Jr, John Ford, Harold Ford Sr, Ophelia Ford) who happens to be the city council person in charge of oversight for MLGW, hasn’t paid a utility bill in something like 3 years. Joseph Lee offered his resignation, but our wonderful mayor wouldn’t accept it. Basically, there was a list of certain people who didn’t have to pay their utility bills, namely powerful politicians in the city.

The scary thing is, this doesn’t suprise anyone.


8 responses to “Every time I go to Memphis…

  1. Memphis is run by Democrats (the Fords)…New Orleans by Democrats (Ray ‘Schoolbus’ Nagin)…D.C. by Democrats (Kennedy’s, Clinton’s)…sounds like a common characteristic to me.

  2. the common characteristic being that the scandals always seem to appear in Democrat controlled towns.

  3. Or the fact that major cities are where scandals take place. When the population goes up, power goes up. Any person, regardless of political party, is prone to being corrupted by power. Being a Democrat, I believe, has nothing to do with it.

    Erroneous. Erroneous.

  4. gilbert is right. it’s because corrupt republicans are smart enough to make it to speaker of the house, congressman of La Jolla, CA, Attorney General, and President.

  5. I too find myself listening to Mike Fleming, even though I disagree with most of his viewpoints and he is incredibly less-than-articulate. The man will stutter over 10 words and then act like he said something brilliant. I sometimes find it hard to listen to him answer phone calls because he will take 4 tangents and end up off topic but consider the matter closed. It’s the fun of talk radio.

  6. you know, I will agree with gilbert and with michael. Obviously, the more power you have, the more corruption you have. However, in large, poor, democratic cities, I would have to say that corruption is worse. Nashville doesn’t hold a canlde to Memphis in the corruption department and they are roughly the same size. Part of it, I believe, has to do with the liberal elitist mindset of “I should get whatever I want when I want it because the government is (close to) God and I’m at the head of it”. Granted, that’s all encompassing, and obviously, not all situations are like that, but, while there is corruption in any power organization, I believe it is more rampant in large, poor, democrat controlled cities.

    And Y, I’m not downplaying those scandals… like I said, there are scandals in every square inch of government, but its going to be worse in strongholds where people have no problem getting elected. I mean… think of the Ford family in Memphis. The only one I’ve ever seen lose was Jake Ford, and its because he may have run the worst campaign ever (and he threatened to kill someone after a political rally. Well, I think Herenton has threatened to fight folks too, so maybe that comparison is invalid). But Memphis politicians (and those in Louisianna and DC) seem to legitimately have a culture of corruption because of their inability to lose elections.

    Anyway, corruption is everywhere, and blanket statements are obviously wrong, but you’ve got to realize that there’s something wrong in these large, poor urban centers. Its like a God Complex or something

  7. Willie Herenton

    Justin, if you don’t lay some slack for a brutha, I’m gunna come down there and pop a cap in yo ass. Ain’t no crupshun in the bootiful city of Memphis. But seriously, I have a doctorate. Cmon

  8. It’s really hard to disguise racism…

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