If you don’t think America is going Fascist…

then you should check this out. I don’t think there’s any doubt about it.


5 responses to “If you don’t think America is going Fascist…

  1. Thought I recognized the church in those pictures. I’m from the town that the church is located in. A bit – should I say a lot off base; especially when it comes to Christian theology – but I know some folks from Porter and they aren’t necessarily fascists. Off base: yes. Fascists. No.

    I will have to admit that the display is pretty scary!

  2. Too many churches are displaying American flags. I definitely disagree with this. Contrary to popular belief, America is not God’s “chosen” land.

  3. We do not display the flag in our church, but neither do I think that displaying the flag in church necessarily makes someone a fascist. The flag still stands on one side of my grandparent’s church (also my home church); none of those folks were fascists. They were hard working, simple-living Christians who were also grateful to live in America. That doesn’t make them fascists.

    BUT . . . the display at Porter was too much!

  4. Belinda,

    I agree with you, but if you’d allow me to give you some advice, I would say when you make statements, its important to back them up. Just saying “america is not God’s chosen land” is just an invitation to a flame war. If you’d explained your reasoning, even a bit, it might not come off as pompous.

    And I will say, in the interest of full disclosure, I don’t often follow my own rule. Too many times though, when I don’t follow that rule, its cause i’m looking to be a smart alek. I don’t believe that that is your intention (maybe it is) but if its not, then you should explain your positions a little better.

    I never said displaying the flag in church was fascist J4Jesus. I think its wrong, but its certainly not fascist. The fascist part is when people start equating our army with God’s army, and our wars with God’s wars. That is most certainly happening in certain circles, and its disturbing.

  5. How does it “enflame” by stating that America is not God’s chosen land? Why should anyone think that it is? Americans are no better than people in other countries. No, I’m not trying to be a smart aleck – I honestly don’t understand your thinking on this one. I never said anything about a facist and a flag and a church . . . I’m totally lost.

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