More Grilling Woes

You may remember when I discussed my very first attempts at grilling back in the fall. Well, I bought a new grill for my new place, and let’s just say its now official that I need to stay away from charcoal and raw meat. It always goes badly.

Basically, tonight, when it all comes down to it… my grill caught on fire.

I know what you’re thinking. Surely you’re mistaken Justin. Grills are built to hold fire in. Somehow tonight that wasn’t the case.

I wish I had some pictures of the grill on fire, but I was too worried I was gonna burn the apartment down. So I stood, and watched, as the entire top portion of the grill charred.

And then I cooked the burgers, but the meat was bad, so we threw them out.


2 responses to “More Grilling Woes

  1. Well, you need to learn how to grill! It is part of being a man.

    And now, to totally change the subject — I thought you might be interested in This Study.

  2. Take some advice from a woman who does the grilling: Get yourself a gas grill.

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