Crazy Christians Heading to Nashville

You make think they are just evangelical Christians, but this group is part of the Latter Rain movement, which believes, among other things, this, from wikipedia

The Manifest(ed) Sons of God. Some leaders of the Latter Rain movement taught that as the end of the age approached, that the “overcomers” would arise within the Church. These Manifest Sons of God, ones who have come into the full stature of Jesus Christ would receive the spirit without measure. They would be as Jesus was when He was on earth, they would receive a number of divine gifts, including the ability to change their physical location, to speak any language through the Holy Spirit, and would be able to perform divine healings and other miracles. They would complete the work of God restoring man’s rightful position as was originally mandated in Genesis, and at last by coming into the full stature of Christ usher in the millennial reign of Christ.

They are coming to Nashville, a bunch this weekend, and even more this summer, to pray for forgiveness for being in a country that elected Democrats to Congress. I’m not making this up. This guy, Lou Engle, was actually featured in the movie Jesus Camp.

And more than anything, I’m upset, cause I live a mile from LP field, and I don’t want to have a million fascists clogging up the roads to my house.


5 responses to “Crazy Christians Heading to Nashville

  1. Well, God is neither Republican or Democrat and I for one am sooooooo glad!!!

    A mile from LP field? Titans games must be murder!


  2. Well, I moved from Murfreesboro two months ago, so I haven’t been around during Titans games yet.

  3. Guess I won’t be seeing you there then. We’ll be praying to me for you (and Fred Thompson, that Church of Christ baptized heathen).

  4. they are not affiliated with that movement at all!
    I am not sure where you got your info, but it simply isn’t true. Please make sure you know what you are talking about, before you broadcast via the world wide web.

  5. Can you provide any info to the contrary?

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