If you want to fight crime and violence

Support the legalization of Marijuana in Tennessee


3 responses to “If you want to fight crime and violence

  1. Ignorant Moralist

    Justin, don’t you realize that pot is evil!!!!! It says in the Bible that God put it here just to tempt us. That’s why it has always been illegal since the beginning of time…I guess until those wacky liberals in California and the Netherlands decided to allow people to make decision for themselves.

    My youth minister told me once that it is proven that if you smoke pot once, then the devil comes inside you, and makes you flunk school, disrespect your parents, and drive down to the bad part of town to sell your body for cocaine. He said he once knew a guy who was cool, and then he started smoking, and he wasn’t cool at all anymore.

    If you want to be cool, then say no to drugs!!! LOLZ 😛

  2. I have MS. I’ve been told that marijuana has lots of medicinal qualities. It’s always good for curbing the side effects of chemotherapy. It’s a shame that something that can be good for you is illegal. You know there’s cocaine in your coca-cola don’t you? Too much of a lot of things can be bad for you.

  3. You’re right. Belinda, if you do some research, you’ll find the reason marijuana is illegal is not because its harmful (its actually WAY safer than alcohol) but because of racism in the 30s. The government drug czar got a power trip, and had plenty of people lobbying him to make it illegal… most of whom were from the southwest. During the depression, the need for hispanic labor was gone, hispanics smoked mj (because it is literally a weed… it used to grow everywhere like crazy) and they wanted a reason to deport the hispanics. The mayor of new york at the time (laguarida) did a study on it, and found it didn’t make people violent like urban myths said, btu that study was covered up.

    However, I don’t think coke has cocaine in it anymore. It definitely used to, but many products (and almost all medicine) at the turn of the century had cocaine in it. It is quite addictive, but legalization for most drugs is probably the answer. Cocaine for example (as well as mj) is very very inexpensive to produce. But because it must be sold on the black market, it has a huge profit margin. If it were legal, the government could tax it, make sure that its pure and regulated, and treat it as a medical issue, which addiction is anyway. Our prisons are filled with people who are addicts, and who would cause little or no trouble if the drugs were legal and inexpensive, because they wouldn’t feel the need to steal or rob people to get money for it. And we could send people to treatment who got addicted, just like we do for alcohol abusers.

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