House of Sanjaya

Seriously, Sanjaya isn’t a good singer. But vote for him anyway. It will piss off Simon Cowell and get this evil show off the air.

But watch this. Hat Tip Brandon Scott Thomas


5 responses to “House of Sanjaya

  1. Tell me your not one of the morons voting for that kid. He is awful and I hate to see him advance and knock out legitimate singers.

  2. Oh I’m voting for him, but its because American Idol isn’t a legitimate singing competition. The main judges never see the majority of the people that come through. Plenty of good singers never get to that point because they aren’t interesting enough. So really good singers that for some reason are “interesting” and ratings worthy get a shot with the judges initially and the really bad people, many of whom are near mental disability, get through so America will laugh at them. That’s disgusting, in my opinion, so I’ll vote for Sanjaya just because the producers would hate it.

  3. Actually, I think it is making the rating go higher, to give America a “villian” to hate in the show.

    I don’t watch the first few shows, because of all those who are so awful.

  4. BTW: He is referred to out here as: Sangina

  5. Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken, etc.

    Seriously, it makes us furious that people are voting for Sanjaya. He isn’t a “legitimate” singer like we are, with our songs written by teams of writers and our army of sound engineers to overprocess our tracks. If he were to win, then his producer would have to work twice as hard to make him sound as crappy as us. Boo on him

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