Weird Stuff on Tv

I often watch things that are ridiculous on television because its entertaining. Especially during the day when any normal person would be working, there’s always something on that is worth laughing at.

Today, that is Oprah.

Right now, I’m in the middle of watching a hip hop dancer teach the audience (with several participating on stage) how to dance.

I hope it shows up on youtube. But I bet its owned by Viacom.

Also in the “I can’t believe this is actually on television” category… NASHVILLE SOAP OPERA!!

I honestly don’t know what’s worse. An ambulance chaser that produces a three year long soap shown in 1 minute clips on Nashville stations, or depressed 40 year old white women trying to get crunk.


2 responses to “Weird Stuff on Tv

  1. I’ve hated those commercials since the first episode because of the portrayal of truck drivers as stupid redneck idiots.

    Apparently most of Nashville hates those commercials as well, judging by the comments left at the website.

  2. Yeah, I enjoyed reading through all of the comments about how bad the commercials are.

    But, you know, it plays to the demographic. If I were a low income person who got hurt by a company, you better believe I’d look at those cheesy commercials filled with unrealisticly gorgeous successful people who just happen to be friends with bart durham, and I’d give him a call…. as soon as Maury Povich was over.

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