Virginia Tech and Gun Control

I just was doing my daily perusal of blogs in my bloglines feed aggregator, when I came across Mark Elrod’s blog on yesterday’s events in Virginia.

I was reading and I came along to this line and I stopped

 Unfortunately, tragedies like VTU bring out the worst cynic in me. I’m afraid that as long as we make it relatively easy for virtually anyone in American to buy a gun, things like this are going to continue to happen.

I’m not gonna beat around the bush about my feelings on gun control. I think its stupid. Any human being who breaks multiple laws in the process of killing upwards of 32 people, is not going to be deterred from purchasing a firearm because its against the law, or because he has to go to a shady area of town to purchase one on the black market. And even if there were no guns available anywhere, anything can be used as a weapon. Just look in iraq. All i have to do is strap a pipe bomb to my chest and walk into a crowded room, or drive a vehicle full of explosives into a crowded restaurant.

Its stupid to think that the availibility of guns is what causes crime. Deranged people cause crime.


12 responses to “Virginia Tech and Gun Control

  1. Could not agree more. The Anti-gun nuts never do answer the simple fact that criminals won’t turn guns in if they were outlawed.

    They also shy away from instances (at least 3 in the recent years) where a civilian with a concealed handgun SAVED people in schools with his gun. I wonder how many could have been saved if a few of those college students had guns.

    These same nuts never offer solutions. They make broad statements like “There are too many guns out there!!” Really? Ok. Solve it. Take them away? Ok, are you going to go door to door without warrants and demand them from each and every person? Just HOW are you going to collect them? Notice they NEVER have an answer for that.

    I think that the bottom line is that if they do want to take guns away, go about it the right way and change the constitution.

  2. I think we gotta be careful not to sound like gun nuts though. I think its impossible to get rid of all of them in this country. I think legislation will make the problem worse. But what if the Christians at VT, all of them, stood up like the Amish girls in that school, and said “shoot me first”. What if we really believed in the resurrection and were willing to die, rather than see someone else be killed or to kill someone else? How amazing a testimony would that be.

    Bad things are never going to stop happening. We as Christians must always use these times to show the love of Christ in radical ways and be willing to lay down our lives.

  3. Several thoughts on gun control:
    1. I am pretty disgusted that folks on both sides of the issue (I’m excluding you Justin b/c you don’t count as a partisan) have taken this awful moment to make cheap political points.

    2. Its true that if you outlaw guns, only guns will have outlaws (I mean…), but the fact is that the one handgun they could identify was purchased legally just a few days ago. If he was mentally disturbed as his professors have alleged, perhaps he could have received proper treatment before he decided to purchase a gun.

    3. I am appalled that my father-in-law has been sending me stories from (that he agrees with) that say that this happened because everyone wasn’t carrying a gun. His justification was an incident at a church in SOUTH AFRICA. Cmon. And Roland, I call bullshit on your statement that people toting guns have stopped similar events in recent year. Present evidence, b/c I call shenanigans.

    4. Isn’t it ironic that conservatives look at an unwanted event (the shooting), and think the answer is to give everyone the tools to mitigate the effects of the event (guns). But then when it comes to unfavorable events like contracting an STD or unplanned pregnancy, they don’t want to use the same approach (distributing education, condoms, birth control), but rather just aim to convince people not to do the act. They treat sex like they accuse liberals of treating gun violence: coddling the person doing the act to convince them not to do it.

    And isn’t it ironic that conservatives treat gun violence like it is inevitable, but treat premarital sex like its something you can stop by telling people not to? Its like they think violence is the norm and sex is the exception. Now who’s the culture of death?

  4. Y, call BS all you want but it is a fact. Go Google it yourself. I don’t do homework for others.

    Y, what is your solution? It’s easy to talk about the crap you are throwing around but what is YOUR logical solution?

  5. Y, since I know you hate to look anything up, I’ll help ya get started:

    Vice Principal Joel Myrick stopped a 1999 school shooting in Pearl, Mississippi.

  6. Joel Myrick was an assistant principle in charge of the school, not a student or professor. Also, the gun he got was kept in his car which was parked off campus. It’s not as if he was packing heat all day just waiting for it. That is the exact same situation as VT. If a provost wanted to go get his gun from off campus and stop this, he could have. Don’t pin this on gun control.

    Roland, I’m troubled by your request for a “solution”. When an isolated tragedy occurs, why does everyone want to find a “solution”? This was one troubled kid with mental problems and a broken heart. Mourn, and move on, but don’t use this as a chance to push your political agenda on me as a “solution”

  7. Y, you have trouble admitting when you are wrong, don’t you? I said civilians stopped at least 3 instances of guns in schools with guns of their own. That is exactly what happened. You called BS on my statement and I showed you proof of it. I wonder how many lives could have been saved had one of the VT students of faculty had had a gun.

    The solution I am talking about is how to take guns out of the hands of criminals. I am sick of these anti-gun people (not you in particular) who whine and whine but NEVER…NEVER offer a solution as to how to take the guns out of the hands of the criminals. Don’t whine if you don’t have a solution.

  8. I think the red herring here is that there is anyone who matters who is advocating more gun control. I’ve heard plenty of conservative commentators say that they need to give out more guns, but haven’t seen anyone advocate fewer guns in light of this tragedy. Perhaps it is because moderates and liberals actually have the decency to leave politics at the door for a few days.

  9. I can’t agree with you there Y. The first I heard of people politicizing this was in the New York Daily News the next day. The column basically said Virginia, you reep what you sew, and now you know what New York feels like because of the laxity of your gun laws.

    I listen to conservative radio, and I didn’t hear anything coming out of them until the gun control folks started talking.

  10. I can’t say I follow the NY Daily News, but what’s funny about that statement (“you reap what you sow…”) is that my father in law has been sending me story after story from that basically said the same thing, that VT reaped what it sowed by having too much gun control. I think I’m right there with Gov Kaine in that I’ve got nothing but loathing for people that want to use this as their political hobby horse.

  11. NBC makes me sick in that they did not take a stand and NOT play any of that scum’s “manifesto”. They took a pass on the OJ thing a few months ago, why not this?

  12. Roland, it’s people like you, making fun of me and not wanting me to get my message out that caused me to kill all those rich kids

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