Coyote Ugly

All right, I emailed Coyote Ugly, and have yet to get a response, so here comes a blog post.

Saturday night, Carrie (my fiancee) went to a bachelorette  party with a girl that we are friends with. They had dinner at someone’s house, and then took cabs out to go hit a couple of bars downtown. However, when they arrived at Coyote Ugly, some events transpired that made her more than uncomfortable.

I will say, in the interest of full disclosure, that this is her perception of the events that transpired.

As the entered the bar, and went to order drinks, the employees were informed that it was a bachelorette party. It was then that a large man, presumably a bouncer, began lifting girls from the party up onto tables. Some of these girls seemed very hesitant, but he lifted them up regardless.

Carrie and another girl began to move away from what was happening, because neither of them wanted to be up on a table. Not saying there is anything wrong with someone wanting to dance on a table, just not an activity she would be willing to participate in. When the bouncer saw them moving away, he began to follow them (chase is the word Carrie used, but I’m not sure the exact speed at which it occurred, so I’m going will follow) around the bar. They went back and forth across the bar 4 times after which he finally gave up.

Is it just me, or is this highly inappropriate? I emailed Coyote Ugly, merely asking for someone to contact me so that I could get them to contact her and apologize. I haven’t received a response. I’m not going to threaten a lawsuit, and she wouldn’t want me to, but I imagine that this isn’t the only case of something like this happening. I realize that Coyote Ugly is a rowdy establishment, but when you walk through those doors, you don’t relinquish your right to not be harassed.

Coyote Ugly… Carrie would appreciate an apology. And I will use my blog to get the message out about the harassment of my fiancee by your employees.

And readers, if you go to any of the above links to the bar, you can send them an email. I’d appreciate it if you’d let them know that sexual harassment is NEVER ok. And if you’d write something about this on your blog, I’d appreciate it as well.


11 responses to “Coyote Ugly

  1. I’ve never been to Coyote Ugly, but I go to a lot of other bars, and when you go to a bar with that sort of atmosphere (with a bachelorette party) the people who work for the bar assume a few things that are difficult to sort out in the din.

    I go to Decades a lot with my wife and friends, and there are MANY bachelorette parties that come through. Each time, the DJ asks the girl to dance on the pole. Between her friends and the others there, she is usually persuaded to get up there. That is the schtick.

    I’m sorry Carrie had a poor experience, and I hope that someone does apologize, but on the whole, if you go to a bar that had a movie made after it showing girls up on the bar and tables, don’t be surprised as a female if you are asked to live up to the hype

  2. How strange. I have been to a lot of bars like that (never CU though) and have seen some funny and strange stuff but never anything like that. Is CU usually very wild? Maybe the bars I go to are tame or something.

  3. Tom Gorzelanny

    I really don’t have a lot of sympathy… sorry that happened, but you gotta expect those things when you get involved in those kinds of activities.

  4. What kind of “activities” Tom? Going out to have some drinks with friends?

  5. Seriously Tom? Because my fiancee went to a bar, she should expect to be sexually harassed? That’s like the same line of thinking that says a woman was asking to be raped because she was dressed provocatively. Ugh.

    I think that’s a pretty disgusting judgement to make. I hope that your wife or daughters (if you have them) never have something similar happen to them.

  6. She didn’t go to “a bar”, she went to Coyote Ugly. If she had gone to the Villager or Dan McGuiness and this happened, then loads of sympathy. That’s like saying, “I took my family out for a nice family dinner (at Hooters), and there were all these provocatively dressed women! My goodness. Have some respect for the children and wives that may go there.”

    To answer the question you posed to Tom, if my wife were to go to Coyote Ugly, I would expect her to get sexually harrassed. On her bachelorette party, she requested to have a stripper…they got her a stripper, and she was sexually harrassed (to the delight of her and her friends). It’s what you get for being at that particular place.

    Also, I don’t think it is fair to compare this to blaming a provacatively dressed woman for being raped.

  7. Y, it’s one thing to be hit on or flirted with and quite another to be manhandled and chased around a table. If Justin had told us that Carrie had danced with a guy and he rubbed her rear while dancing and Justin was upset with that, you would have a point.

  8. she didn’t have any choice about it y, she was with a group of girls that were bar hopping, and they were riding in two cabs. She had to go in there.

    And its a rowdy bar, but if she didn’t want to do something, she should not be forced. She didn’t choose to go there. There are plenty of girls in that place that would have no problem getting up on the table, if someone says no, its no. I don’t see any other way of thinking on this. And I can’t believe you think its ok for your wife to be harassed. Carrie didn’t order a stripper for her own bachelorette party. She was at someone else’s that she didn’t even know was going to Coyote Ugly. Different sitaution. She had no reason to expect she’d be chased around by a big black man trying to make her dance on a table, when the night began.

  9. Justin, does it matter he was black?

  10. No, and if you’ll notice, I didn’t even mention that in the original post. I would feel the same way if a person of any color did it, male female, black or white.

  11. Just giving you a hard time but isn’t it easy to insinuate on a comment like that?

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