What I Believe: Public Policy

Its been brought to my attention that some might automatically assume that I’m a Republican because I typically have negative commentary on Democrats. Hopefully this post will clear that up.

If I were a politician, these would be my policy points

Pro Free Markets – I believe the absolute best way to bring a massive number of people out of poverty is to have free markets. The fewer restrictions and taxes there are on businesses, the faster companies and wages grow, and good become cheaper. This doesn’t mean I can support this and not give to charity or help a person when I run into someone in need, but socialist markets curb job growth, making life tolerable for the wealthy, but making upward mobility for the poor nearly impossible.

Pro Legalization of Minor Drug Offenses – Most of the crime in our inner cities can be traced to the fact that drugs that are very cheap to produce are illegal, making the profit margin huge. This is a major culprit of gang crime. We legalize minor offenses (possesion and use of small amounts) and sell it in stores, it will eliminate the black market, and also much gang violence.

Pro Choice Until the Fetus is Viable or unless the mother’s health is in jeopardy – In my own life, I would never support any family member having an abortion unless it was early and there were health risks. And even then, it wouldn’t be a cakewalk. But I think that the option needs to be available, albeit, rare. And partial birth abortion is disgustin, and in my opinion, murder.

Anti Death Penalty – Its cheaper to keep someone in prison for life. Why do you want to kill them? Its not a deterrant, either. Most guys on death row have been on the streets where the death penalty comes without due process of law, and are a little more messy. These guys aren’t scared of the chair. They are scared of being jumped in an alley and gunned down.

Anti War – I’m a “non violent resister”. I would go to jail before I went to war for this country or any other country. I believe its wrong to kill in any circumstance. However, the government is part of the fallen principalities and powers of this world, and they exist so that the Kingdom of God can be preached, so I’m not gonna rail on the government for going to war unless it gets Hitleresque.

Fair Tax – I am for the fair tax (which is a national sales tax). Vouchers would be given to those in poverty for their basic needs so that they aren’t getting screwed for buying things to stay alive. A consumption tax also encourages earning and saving whereas an income tax discourages production. Besides that, no matter how tight they make the tax code, the wealthy can still get out of paying their taxes. With a national sales tax, that won’t happen.

Education – I would be for a private education system. Tution would be government funded (instead of spending the enormous amount of money per student that school systems do, vouchers would be given to each student for that amount, and private schools would spring up everywhere. The demand for the best education for the best price would create competition between schools, lowering cost and creating a better environment for teachers and students to accomplish what they need to.

So after reading that, would you peg me as a liberal or a conservative?


14 responses to “What I Believe: Public Policy

  1. Maybe a Libertarian? Jessee told me the other day that I just need to choose a side, so I pass on that peice of wisdom to you. On a more serious note I always enjoy reading this and talking to you. It is great to be around other people who are intelligent and thoughtful while still being humble and open enough to listen and reflect as well as peacfully and respectfully disagree.

  2. I think you are misguided on #1, 6 and 7, but at least I’m glad to know you aren’t a slave to some blanket ideology.

  3. I would say a “conservative democrat”

  4. All I can say is “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you”. Jeremiah 1:5.

    I agree with you on several others.

  5. There is a reason why Libertarians are able to find there most likely allies in the Republican party. You may be more progressive on social issues, but you haven’t ventured that far. Based upon the things that you take issue with and the things you so passionately stand up for I would place you in the Republican camp pretty strongly. There is a large faction in the GOP that doesn’t want the government to get involved in the same precise areas that you don’t.

    You are a Republican, my friend 😀

  6. I could agree with that Scott, if the Republican party hadn’t turned into the James Dobson theocracy party. Goldwater republican? Absolutely. But I can’t even hold my nose and vote for these guys.

  7. Second, Justin. Scott, I wish the Republican party is like you say it is, but it isn’t. I remember when I was a little kid (12 years ago), my dad (lifelong Republican who spent his first 45 years living in San Francisco) explained to me that Republicans were people who believed that government should be as small as possible and taxes should be low. Democrats think government should be big and taxes high so they can control a lot of things.

    That explanation was overly simplistic since I was so young, but fairly accurate at the time. Now, just based on Fox News and WorldNetDaily, it would seem that the Republicans are the party of scaring the shit out of everyone, arming everyone, immigration lockdown (fuck the free labor market), pro-Christian anti-Jew, Muslim, Athiest, anti-gay anti-hipanic muslim arab, pro-war, pro-corruption and cronyism in government, and pro-pork and large government.

    I’m sorry this new platform slogan isn’t as pithy as the old one, but its hard to keep track of everything they are for and against since they whored themselves out to every constituancy that couldn’t/wouldn’t be whored by the Democrats.

    What are the libertarians for and against again? Oh yeah, they are just for personal liberty. That’s a whole lot easier to fit on a bumper sticker

  8. Justin, I try not to throw a Jersey on with either an R or D on it but try to be Conservative. The GOP is as close as you can get to a conservative however, these days, they don’t bear much resemblence to classic conservatism at all. Get rid of Bush and we might get closer.

    Libertarians are very much close to conservatives, just without the Pat Robertson approach. 🙂

  9. That’s my point Roland. The book “Jesus Machine” chronicles the differences to the fiscal conservatives in the GOP who have great issues with the direction GW, Dobson et al have taken the party. But they are still the classic understanding of republican.

  10. I still don’t think some of my views are what many would describe as conservative. Laxed drug laws, legalize prostitution, open borders, these are not conservative ideals.

    That’s why I feel I identify with the libertarian party the most, because I believe that we should have as few laws as is possible. The basic idea behind libertarianism is that people should be free, free to spend their money how they want, free to have fair taxation, free to do harmful things to their body if they would like. The only reason you should have laws is to keep people from infringing on others rights to be free. Like, it is and should be against the law to break into my car and steal my ipod, because my right to ownership and property has been infringed upon.

    Its why I would almost certainly never vote for a democrat. Its why I disagree with socialism in any form. That’s not freedom. When a Republican says two people can’t get married, just because their moral code disagrees with it, its just the same as a democrat saying I should be taxed 50 cents (or more) on every dollar I make because there are people who “need” it more.

    Everyone that reads this blog should watch the documentary “America: Freedom to Fascism”. The income tax is slavery. If I weren’t a citizen of the Kingdom of God, I would be gearing up for a revolt.

  11. Do you think Ron Paul would adopt a similar policy?

  12. Ron Paul is probably closer to my political philosophy than any politician in elected office. I don’t agree with him on immigration. I still think people should go through legal channels, but I think we should check immigrants at the border for communicable diseases that we’ve wiped out, have a small tax (one that’s affordable for them, or one that’s taken out of their paycheck until its completely paid) and make sure they don’t get welfare for the first, say, ten years that they are in the states, and let them in. Obviously trying to control it is making it worse, and the cost to the taxpayer would be astronomical if we built a wall or put the military on the border (which is borderline insane). Free transfer of goods and labor keeps economies healthy. Especially where we are now, with a need for unskilled labor, if there are people willing to take those jobs for the wages needed to make things affordable, then I say go for it.

  13. You are a Libertarian in the most capital “L” sense of the word. Republicans and Democrats want freedom in some area while restricting and regulating in other areas. Liberatarians want as much freedom as possible in all areas. Live and let live, freedom to the extent your freedom does not infringe on someone’s else freedom, etc. are all mainstays of the Libertarians. Vote Libertarian. Don’t sell out to be “practical”. Some day, if all of us reasonable people who are Libertarians can wrestle control of the party from the tri-corner hat nutjobs that run it now, we might actually gain some traction in American politics.

  14. That is a reason why I was drawn to Libertarian politics before I stopped participating in the system, David. Republican and Democrat are just words, their parties have supported many different things since their inception, and they pick and choose demographics in order to win elections. Libertarians, however, have a philosophy, and they don’t cater to special interest groups to get votes. Their positions are determined by the theory that the basic reason we have laws are to protect individual liberty, and if a law infringes on someone’s liberty, ie drug laws, prostitution, seat belt laws, they are against them. Popularity of bad law doesn’t make the libertarians soften their position.

    Glad you came by David!

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