Last Night

Well, it finally happened.

I made it 2 and a half months in East Nashville without my car being broken into, but now that streak has ended.

I wasn’t alone, though. My neighbor, and her girlfriend, both had their cars broken into in the middle of the night. My other neighbor got home around 130, and we think he may have scared the person away. The only thing stolen out of my car was an ipod, and there was definitely other stuff that was worth stealing in there. Plus, they dropped a little tool used to pick locks, which is what makes me think Daniel scared them away. I’m kinda glad he didn’t notice that we’d been broken into when he got home though. I would have been way more upset with a knock on the door at 130 than with one at 630.

But 934 Boscobel wasn’t the only hit. Another car was broken into at 908 Boscobel and another couple at the 900 block of Russel (which is one block north of my street).

Somebody went on a tear through Edgefield. I feel really bad for my neighbor and her girlfriend though. They both work together at a school, and nobody knows they are dating. And I think that only one of them is out at school. So the break in as the least of their worries, they are now gonna have to deal with the gossip of their co workers. And besides that, the girlfriend had her Driver’s License and check cards stolen, as well as the spare  key to the car. So they know where she lives and have access to her vehicle. Scary. I imagine they would have stolen her car if they hadn’t been scared off.

The ironic thing is, I’m not nearly as mad about this as I am about some other stuff going on. In fact, the only thing I’m mad about with the break in situation is that this was the first night I’ve left my ipod in the car since I’ve moved here. And I’m mad that I haven’t been leaving my doors unlocked and just emptying the car of stuff.


2 responses to “Last Night

  1. Sorry to hear about your car break in.

  2. I’ve had car broken into 3 times, and house once…never a good feeling, glad you are ok.

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