New Blogs and A Funny Cartoon

First, you should definitely check out additions to the blogroll.

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Second, this cartoon made me laugh out loud in my empty apartment this morning upon waking up. Y, this is not an assault on your attempts to be more environmentally friendly…. but if you think it might be offensive you may want to ignore from here down.

Hat Tip to Brittney at Nashville Is Talking 


3 responses to “New Blogs and A Funny Cartoon

  1. I see the humor, but new rule: I think that it is fair to make fun of carbon offsets only if you also believe that your carbon footprint matters and you are actually working to reduce it. Seeing this cartoon make fun of Al Gore for having a large carbon footprint when more than likely the cartoonist couldn’t give two shits about a carbon footprint rings as intellectually dishonest. It’s like when I heard Sean Hannity talk about the Democratic candidates taking private jets when he himself takes private jets everywhere. Justin, I know where you stand on this, so I exempt you from this statement, but for everyone else, take a stand and have the courage to stand by it.

  2. You’re right, the issue at stake here is people giving two craps about the environment. Al Gore can talk about how we need to change our lifestyles to protect the environment all he wants, but until people start seeing him make sacrifices rather than just paying into a system that many believe is flawed, people will continue to ignore what he, and others like him in the environmental movement say. If its so important that we SUV driving middle class folks need to buy a prius and change out all our lightbulbs to ones that flicker (I have those light bulbs, and the flickering is annoying) maybe Gore should change his lifestyle too. Maybe his monthly utility bill at ONE of his residences shouldn’t be the same as a yearly bill for an average person. As the cartoon states, it seems like he’s living however the hell he wants and then using his enormous wealth to make sure he’s ok. Its reminiscent of paying catholic priests to forgive your sins. If you have enough money, you don’t have to change your lifestyle. That’s why the environmental movement will never catch on with average americans because when we all start driving inferior vehicles or start having to pay taxes for barbecuing in your backyard, that hurts the guy making 40 grand a year a lot more than Gore and Sheryl Crow.

  3. exciting and informative, but would be suffering with something more on this topic?

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