Leftists Love Freedom, right?

We’re constantly told here in America that the Left is the most tolerant of others beliefs, and that they are the party that supports liberty.

Problem is, they are just as bad as the Republicans when it comes to stealing our freedom. They just like to be in control of different things.

 Hugo Chavez is shutting down opposition media outlets in Venezuela now. Sounds a lot like the renewed calls for the fairness doctrine. We’ve got two parties who are both tyranical. Support freedom. Support Libertarians.


9 responses to “Leftists Love Freedom, right?

  1. Whenever you go to the extreme right you meet the extreme left. And when you go to the extreme left, you meet the extreme right. Hugo Chavez is not the “left” in the sense that, say, the American Democratic Party represents the left. Chavez is an “extreme leftist,” a far-left Socialist. While there may be some things he does that folks here might agree with — for example, standing up to President Bush on keeping control of Venezuela’s oil resources–to equate Chavez with the American Left is simply ignorant.

  2. Yeah, Venezuelan Chavez = representative for the AMERICAN Left…

    Seriously, where do you get these conclusions from?

  3. I think its a fair comparison. Hillary Clinton has mentioned that she would start taxing exxon, and other companies, who are taking record profits… you’ve got the fairness doctrine trying to silence talk radio, you’ve got John Edwards the populist trying to ratchet up class warfare. Hugo Chavez was elected, not as a radical, but a populist. I think there are plenty on the left who would support that movement in this country. Maybe not the run of the mill democrats, but moveon.org, NOW, and other leftist organizations who, thanks to mccain feingold have become the fundraising lifeline of the democratic party, those groups are easily as radical as Chavez.

  4. Jimmy Carter supports Chavez. He gave his “election” his blessing. You can’t get much more left than Carter.

  5. Could it be possible in the slightest that Carter gave the election his “blessing” because it was actually a fair election?

    Just a thought.

  6. An independent polling firm begs to differ on that phil.


  7. Hillary Clinton has mentioned that she would start taxing exxon, and other companies, who are taking record profits…

    Okie dokie. Taxing a corporation is not even close to “nationalizing” a country’s oil resources. You need an education a lot of things, honey.

    Exxon Mobil earned $10 BILLION profit last QUARTER. That’s Billion with a “B.” Profit, not net. Quarter, not fiscal year. Got that? They did it by controlling a resource on which the global economy depends. Price gouging, creating false shortages, and running a monopoly. Excuse me if I just don’t feel sorry for them having to pay taxes as I fill up at $3.09 a gallon.

  8. Beale, maybe you ought to feel bad about exxon since they get less than 10 cents of each gallon is going to profit. The state and feds take 4 or 5 times as much depending on the municipality.

    Also, if you look at their financial statements (you know, those silly things that informed people look at that shows more than just profit), you will see that their gross and net margins haven’t increased in recent memory. Their profit is mostly tied to the cost of petroleum which they buy at the market price. When costs go up, they increase their prices which increase revenue, leaving the profit which is in line with past years, on a percentage basis.

    Finally, everyone needs to stop bitching that gas prices are high because they aren’t. Gas prices are too low. Proof? Prices go up, and demand also increases. If you graph the supply and demand curves, the only explanation for demand increases when prices increase is if the price is below the equilibrium price. Once people actually start using less gas (a decrease in demand), prices will come down naturally.

  9. Thanks Y,

    And even then Beale, profits are not a bad thing at all. Profits get put back into the company for research and development, which leads to cleaner, more efficient fuels, as well as investment in alternative fuel sources. Exxon, BP, Shell, etc, all know that the time is coming where oil isn’t going to be the commodity that fuels our existance. They are working overtime to be the one that comes up with the new fuel that is cheap and efficient and clean because that’s what the consumer wants. You take away that profit, you can say goodbye to the economy. If you put taxes on high profits, the next thing you have to do is put price caps in place. All you have to do is ask Hugo Chavez, Jimmy Carter, or any other socialist what happens when you try to legislate the market. Shortages.

    Gas is high because we don’t have the capability to refine it fast enough, thanks to the government, we can’t drill oil in our own country, thanks to the government, because of state and federal gas taxes, thanks to the government. In all honesty, we’re lucky that we get gas at 3 dollars a gallon. And we should be glad they are making a profit. Because businesses that don’t make profit fail. Well, unless you’re the federal government.

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