Monica Goodling

I honestly feel sorry for this woman. She seems like she realizes she did some unethical things, and feels regret for it, but cannot admit to that. She gets grilled to the max in this clip, and basically admits that they broke the law. The congressman questioning her seemed surprised with her answers… its eery, like something you’d see in a courtroom drama in the movies.

This second video just angers me. I don’t agree with Pat Robertson, who founded Regent University where Goodling went to law school, but I sure as heck think there’s a double standard going on here. Replace Cohen’s comments with a muslim school, or a jewish school, and those faiths, and think about that being said in Congress. How would that go over? Not very well. Here’s Cohen showing his hypocrisy.


2 responses to “Monica Goodling

  1. but you have to wonder what part of free from prosecution she doesn’t get . . . she still quotes her xxth amendment right to not answer.

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