The Troops Don’t Defend Our Freedom

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One response to “The Troops Don’t Defend Our Freedom

  1. I’ve been saying this for a while. The path we’ve gone down to tear down the Constitution and the rule of law in place of fear, power, and war in the name of protecting our freedoms is the very thing that could most easily threaten our freedom. Terrorism is scary, but if there really is a large group that has been planning to attack us for years, they sure do suck at doing it. Why don’t we see suicide bombing in every mall in America every day? I think its because they really only want to cause as much destruction as necessary to get our attention. They are people like you and me with consciences…not these heartless monsters like out of a movie that society would have us believe them to be. While I think what they did was absolutely wrong and evil, it is helpful to realize that they do have some sense of some things being right, and some things being wrong.

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