Today is Wednesday. I am getting married on Saturday. So about three days. Approximately 80 hours. Wow.

We’ve been trying to move Carrie’s stuff into my apartment. I’m honestly amazed with how much stuff we’ve been able to squeeze into a 550 square foot apartment. But I’m realizing quickly how much my life is changing. Carrie is over here all the time, but moving in is something different. There are candles and picture frames and decorative lamps. Grocery items that can only be used as ingredients, but not consumed on their own. Girl stuff in the bathroom. Oh, did I mention the candles are the smell good kind? Bachelorhood is definitely over.

Gone are the days where I left a box of pizza out all night and ate it for dinner the next day. Say goodbye to only cleaning the bathroom once a month, washing my sheets never, and leaving baskets of clean laundry out rather than folding and putting them away.

But its all worth it. It really is. I’m gonna be living with my best friend til death parts us. I love Carrie in ways I didn’t know that I could love someone unrelated to me. Even when we’re mad at each other, even when something she’s doing is driving me absolutely up the wall, I still would lay down my life for her. Its a strange feeling. I know its cliche, but this type of love has given me a better understanding of Christ’s love for the Church.

So the next 3 days are gonna be a little stressful. We still haven’t packed for the honeymoon. We still haven’t gotten all our gifts in the apartment (and I imagine more will show up at the wedding). We’ve got a million things to do between now and Saturday, but once 6:30 rolls around at Owen Chapel, its all gonna be worth it to see my bride coming down the aisle in white (well, actually I think its ivory).

On a completely unrelated note, I think if I were to blog on our honeymoon, Carrie might shoot me in the face, so who all would be interested in my good friend Y blogging in my absence next week? He’s a really intelligent guy and will make you think ten times over. Let me know if you’d enjoy that.


4 responses to “Wedding

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  2. So, she’s really gonna go through with it?

    Seriously, congratulations and enjoy this new stage in your life.

  3. Marriage is great but remember…it’s work.

    You should have married my wife…your place as a bachelor sounds like my wife today!!

  4. Justin: Congratulations on your marriage. I’m praying for you and Carrie as you begin your journey together!!

    Lynn Holt

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